Vampires. Who Knew, Right?

Humanity? Nah. Kindness? ... Love? Riiiight. Blood? Yummy :)

175 year old Quinn Linkom has been a vampire ever since her 18th birthday. And boy, is she BORED. 175 years? You can just about do anything a human would want to do. Travel the world? Check. Meet famous celebs? Check. Get the dream job. Check. But...what else is there?

(Sorry, the cover says New not Knew, someone pointed out the mistake to me :) )


1. Since When?

Introductions. Ugh. Ok, so lets start on boredom. If I am anything whatsoever, that is the word that describes me best. Bored. I am many other things also, like, volatile, negative, solitary, selfish, moody, and lets not forget vampire, shall we? 175 years old, I am nowhere near the oldest of my kind, and not exactly the worst species of vampire out there. We don't call the different species different names, therefore the humans decided that there was only one type, and it was merely fiction anyway. I've got news for you, world. We are evil, soulless bloodsucking moody characters that like killing people. 


This is an example of what would happen if vampires were introduced into society. Personally, I don't see it ending well. Do you? Anyhow, we're moving off the topic. Vampires, huh? Who new? I didn't, until my 18th birthday when one knocked on my door. Hey, Mr Phyco. Walk on in. Yeah, feel free to bite open my neck. It's no problem. Help yourself to the knife on the counter. Yep, stab my family and run. Go ahead! I'm not exactly in any position to stop you, lying on the floor dying and everything. Please, just leave me to figure out how to be a vampire and not feel anything when sucking the life out of innocent children. Trust me, I'll be fine.

So, 175 years later, and look at me now. My murder record, well, is 'Still at large' and 'Has been at large for a while'. Don't take it the wrong way-There are more murderous vampires than me. By far. The oldest race of vampire really are something to be afraid of. You don't see them around though, there not exactly easy to come by, being supernatural royalty and all. 

So. Bored. I think I should start... Well, you know. Doing what all vampires do I guess. Searching for the guy/ girl that turned them. Well, they do in stereo types, so... It could be interesting.

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