Vampires. Who Knew, Right?

Humanity? Nah. Kindness? ... Love? Riiiight. Blood? Yummy :)

175 year old Quinn Linkom has been a vampire ever since her 18th birthday. And boy, is she BORED. 175 years? You can just about do anything a human would want to do. Travel the world? Check. Meet famous celebs? Check. Get the dream job. Check. But...what else is there?

(Sorry, the cover says New not Knew, someone pointed out the mistake to me :) )


5. She Was Fast. I Was Faster.

      I leant against the wall for a moment, until the floor seemed to stay in the same place. Bloody frying pans, the king was gonna kill me. I frowned a moment, and walked in the direction she ran off to. Stepping out of the open back door, I rolled my eyes. A giant woods swamped the skies, and made me seem insignificant in comparison to their height. I picked up her scent... It smelt like violets and pine needles. Cute. I ran after her, my feet barely touching the ground.

I was getting closer. She was fast. I was faster. etc. Ah, there she is. I could see her just at the edge of my vision. I ran just that bit faster, hoping to get in range. I ran. jumped and launched off the side of a tree, grabbing her by her waist and knocking her to the floor, encouraging various swear words on her part.

"That's a colourful language you have there," I quipped whilst dodging one of her punches.God, she punched like a guy. a.k.a, it hurt. She narrowed her eyes at me, and retorted,

"You haven't heard half the ones I've got for you. The ones that suit you best are ass-hole, and psychopathic stalker. But then. the last one isn't really a swear word, is it? More of a fact."

Ouch. Feeling the urge to defend myself, I replied.

"I'm not a stalker. More of an errand boy." I gave a half smile, wondering how she reacted.

"You act like that's something to be proud of."

"If you knew who for, you'd be impressed."

"Is that an invitation to beat the information out of you?"

"You wish."

"That I do."

We circled each other unsteadily, and I saw she had a bruise under one eye. Great, just another thing I was gonna get done for. I tried to be inconspicuous as I pulled the tranq gun out of my pocket, but she just gave me a look.

"That's cheating. And lets not forget the legalities of what you are proposing on doing."

I pulled the trigger before she could talk me out of it.


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