Vampires. Who Knew, Right?

Humanity? Nah. Kindness? ... Love? Riiiight. Blood? Yummy :)

175 year old Quinn Linkom has been a vampire ever since her 18th birthday. And boy, is she BORED. 175 years? You can just about do anything a human would want to do. Travel the world? Check. Meet famous celebs? Check. Get the dream job. Check. But...what else is there?

(Sorry, the cover says New not Knew, someone pointed out the mistake to me :) )


3. Her. Well. What to Say?

She flew at me with undeniable strength and what looked like a rusty kitchen knife she pulled it of the waistband of her jeans. I wasn't sure if I should go easy on her on not... If she's that strong and I took it easy, I could end up dead. I TRYED, well, SHE could end up dead. And that would really cheese the king off.
Deciding to go with the flow, I jumped, kicked, dodged and punched for about ten minutes before I managed to actually pin her against the wall by her throat. She choked out a few hoarse swear words that I will not repeat before she snapped,
"WHAT. WHAT could you POSSIBLY want NOW. I am a SOLITARY vampire. I ENJOY being a SOLITARY vampire. Now, if you DON'T MIND, GET. OUT. OF MY. HOUSE."
I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. I had her pinned against a wall by her throat and could possible kill her in an instant, yet she still has the guts to yell at my face. Some girl. No wonder he turned her.
Dropping my hold on my her, I ran a hand through my hair.
"Sorry, no can do, barbie. Places to go. People to see. And, under orders, I'm not leaving without you." I sigh, smirking.
Her jaw just about hit the floor, her wide, pale blue eyes boring into mine with astonishment.
"Firstly, I'm not going ANYWHERE, with a guy that seems totally irritating and a complete dick, and secondly, WHAT, did you just call me?"
I couldn't help myself. The corners of my mouth tipped up slightly.
"Urh... Barbie."
A frying pan hit me round the head to hard it left a huge dent in the middle, but when the room stopped spinning, I looked around and she was gone. Dammit... Where'd she go?
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