Vampires. Who Knew, Right?

Humanity? Nah. Kindness? ... Love? Riiiight. Blood? Yummy :)

175 year old Quinn Linkom has been a vampire ever since her 18th birthday. And boy, is she BORED. 175 years? You can just about do anything a human would want to do. Travel the world? Check. Meet famous celebs? Check. Get the dream job. Check. But...what else is there?

(Sorry, the cover says New not Knew, someone pointed out the mistake to me :) )


4. Frying Pans

Frying pans. Surprisingly efficient for wacking cocky vampires round the head with. Even so. I'm not convinced the mysterious-good-looking-guy took that much damage from it. What? I've never lost any fight I've picked, so what was with this guy. I mean, he must be on vampire-type steroids or something. I sped through the woods by my house, pondering various theories on what MGLG

a) Could possibly want with a anti-socialist like moi, and

b) How he got so damn strong.

My answers to A being,





And B being

-Vampire-type steroids

-Older race of vampires (:O)

-I'm a little rusty in the ancient art of punching

So. I'm thinking the most likely for A is phyco, and the answer for B is No 2. Ugh, this is so confusing. Thinking on it, vampires don''t usually search for their creator-y things do they? That's Frankenstein. Dammit. That must be the reason everything has just turned upside down. Ok, I've figured out a plan of action. I go to Tyland, bleach my hair, change my name, become a new famous serial killer. Perfecto!

First thing I've got to do,

-Out run Mr. Handsome.


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