The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


19. Zorbs

 When we sett off down the motorway I looked over at Harry and asked him "What did my Dad talk to you about?" 

Harry blushed a little and then smirked. He said "erm....."

I pleaded "tell me plz." 

He smiled then said "He just talked to me about random crap and told me to behave with you and you know....erm....Stuff"

I said "oh, Shit! Why does my Dad always have to embarrass me?" 


After that we put the radio back on and sung along to the songs we knew. Just then Harry saw a sine that said on it "Kent" and we soon found the field. 

Harry turned the motor off in the car and we got out of the car and strolled over to the big beige tent to find the wrest of the boys.

They were all sitting in the middle of the tent with Paul and my Dad listening to the plan of the day for them. When we walked in Louis gestured us to come over and we did trying not to interrupt the meeting anymore than we had done. 

I sat down on the last garden chair next to Louis and Harry stood behind me with his hands wresting on my shoulders. Louis whispered in my ear "We have just been talking about a new scene we can do today. We have got zorbs and minnie boats. We are going to have a water day."

I smiled at him and I asked "Am I aloud to go in the zorbs?" 

He Answered me nodding "I think so." 

After another ten minutes listening to Paul we all got up and walked outside to the lake. I was chucking stones in the lake staring at the ripples until someone came up behind me and put there hands over my eyes. The deep voice said "Guess who?" I smiled leaning back on him. 

"I know it's you Harry" I said turning around in his arms.

He mumbled "Come on let's get a Zorb before there all gone."  

Harry and I walked hand in hand over to Paul and Harry asked "can I have a zorb please." And Paul put a zorb on the pump and it began to blow up. Paul announced "I will be back in a minute" and he went to the toilet. When the zorb was pumped up Harry unzipped the zorb and stepped inside it. He turned around and said cheekily "Come on then." And I came in the zorb and zipped it back up. I held on to Harry trying to stay up whilst walking over to the lake.

When we got over to the lake side Harry looked at me and said "Ok, 3....2....1" and we both moved the zorb into the river. SPLASH!!! When we hit the water it felt so weird. Niall was still waiting for one and notice us in the zorb and began to laugh. Harry waved at him and when he did so he fell over making me fall. I landed next to him as we both began to laugh. I tried to get up but failed and landed on Harry. Harry sat up and gave me his hand and we both got up steadily trying not to fall again. We began to run and we moved over the water. I felt myself losing balance and held on to Harry for support. He began to laugh and say "Look at Louis over there!" Whilst pointing. Louis couldn't get back up! As I began to laugh I fell over again and tripped Harry over. He landed on me and began to laugh. He laid next to me looking up at the clouds. I smiled at him and said "This is tiring!" 

All of a sudden I heard a "HARRY, MEGAN!!!! GET OUT OF THAT ZORB!!!! IT IS ONLY MEANT FOR ONE AT A TIME!!!" We both sat up and looked where the noise was coming from. There at the side of the lake was my Dad and Paul jumping up and down yelling. I murmured "Oh, Shit" and Harry reassuringly said "It'll be fine." And we both got up and started to run back to land. It took ages to get back to the side of the Lake. When we got on land Harry unzipped the Zorb and stepped out and waited for me to get out. Paul ran over to us saying "What were you thinking you two?" 

Then my Dad came over saying "Those Zorbs cost allot of money! And Harry I know you two are all so cute together but you don't have to go every were together like the ZORBS!" 

Harry said "Sorry, it was my idea. It was nothing to do with Megan." 

My Dad said "It's ok. Just don't do it again! Ok!" We both nodded and they both walked away. Niall walked over to us and laughed out "That was something"

Harry smirked "Yup"

Louis came over and whispered something in Harry's ear. I could hear what he had. It was "You looked like you were having fun! Oh, la, la!"

I punched Louis on the shoulder playfully then said "Oi! I heard that!"

He answered cheekily "What you could see that Harry was enjoying it!"

I looked at Harry and he blushed a little. I went over to Harry and snuggled into him saying "Oh, Harry!" And everyone began to laugh.   

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