The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


21. You have been a pleasure to work with

 After that Liam asked "Where is Paul?"

We all looked up puzzled.

Niall stood up and walked over to Liam and sat on his knee "I don't have a clue were Paul is."

"Niall please get off me, my leg is hurting because of those Zorbs"


And just then Paul came out of the beige tent and began to walk towards us. He smiled at me and announced to the boys "You can all go home now. We have finished filming for the music video. I will text you all when I have finished putting it all together. You have been a pleasure to work with boys like usual. Bye." and he walked back into the tent to find Karen.


Louis got up whilst adding "I am tired. Can we set off you three?" and put his coat on slowly.


Niall got off Liam and answered Louis "Ok, I kind of feel tired as well” and he yawned. Liam got up an got his keys out of his pocket saying "Ok, you three lets go then." and they all came over to us and said there goodbye's and then they set off to the car leaving Harry and I sat on the hay bales.


Harry budged up so he was sitting next to me then asked "Are you ready to go?"

I looked up from the floor whilst resting my head on his shoulder "Ok, But first can we have a picture by the lake?"

Harry put his arm around me whist saying "Ok, just because it's you baby" and I jumped up and began to walk over to the lake with Harry flowing close behind.


When I finally arrived at the lake side Harry got his phone out and shouted over to Karen "Karen, please can you take a picture of Megan and I?"


She looked up startled "Oh! Yes, sure Harry" and he came over smiling. Harry passed her his phone and walked over to me. I turned to face him and we both starred into each other’s eyes peacefully. Harry put his hands on my waist and I put my hands around his neck and Karen took the picture "awww, you two are so cute together!" and she walked over to us, handing Harry's phone back to him and then she headed back ever to the beige tent. Harry went on photo gallery on his phone and clicked on the picture of us two. It looked beautiful! "I will text you the picture now Megan." and he began to scroll through his phone to fine my number. A few seconds later I heard my phone buzz and I got it out of my pocket to find '1 new message' I opened it to find the photo of both of us. "Thanks Harry" and I kissed him on the cheek.


He asked "So are you ready to go now?" I nodded and we both began to walk over to Harry's car.

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