The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


30. You get what I mean?

Megan's pov-

Gemma is such a kind girl and I am glad I hah had the chance to meet her and so on.. But After a while of us talking Harry sat next to me and I looked around to face him and I wiped away a tear from his cheek and pecked him on the lips "Love you" he whispered into my ear when I lent into his shoulder as he put his arm tightly around me budging me onto his knee.

I love it how cute he is and how cuddly he is.. It's like he all ways wants me to be there and I all ways want him there..

"so.." Annie said waiting for all of us to look up at her "sleeping arrangements... are we all ok with the sleeping arrangements I made up earlier?" she said this whilst looking at Harry and I.. I blushed a little as I knew what she was bringing up as the subject... again "Because I do not want to hear you two up all night doing something.. You get what I mean.." I could feel myself blush at this comment.

"oh mum" Harry moaned sounding embarrassed.

"what? I'm only saying the facts" she began to chuckle to herself.. She breathed in so she stopped laughing and carried on "remember.. I want Megan to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room . I would like Harry in your own room.. You got that Harold?!.. And Gemma I would like you to sleep in your normal room." she smiled and as she was just about to walk out of the door she pocked her head back around the door saying to Harry "baby" Harry looked up and she carried on "would you get the sofa bed out and some covers for mean please? Thank you" and she disappeared.

Harry slid his arm from round me and stood up and looked back and smiled at me awkwardly "I'll be back in a minute"

Then I heard him plod slowly up the stairs...


As I got into my mum's room I got to her bedding draw and pulled out a bed cover, pillow cases and a duvet cover.. After a while of feeding the pillows into the covers and as well with the duvet I came back down stairs with all the stuff Megan needed to have a nice night sleep.. After I got down stairs I opened the door to find Megan sat on the sofa and smiling at me.. This nearly made me melt.. She is just so beautiful and she doesn't even know she is beautiful.. She is so shy and cute! I love her with all my heart.. Do you think she will let me have another kiss..

I walked over to her placing the bed stuff next to her.. She smiled up at me as I lent over her with both of my arms on the back of the sofa so she couldn't escape.. I smiled at her before a sudden urge kicked in and I just had to kiss her! I placed my lips on Her's quite harder than I had intended to, then as I felt her delicate lips against mine I slowly sucked her bottom lip, as I stopped this I felt her smile widen against my lips.. I never wanted this to end but I had to draw myself away from her lips sooner or latter.. So I did..

She began to breath deeply and look up into my eyes, letting her cheeks turn a shade pinker as she blushed a little.. Megan is so cute when she blushes..

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