The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


20. Where's Zayn?

Paul came back over to Harry "Can you go over to the boats Harry. Also do you know where Zayn is?"

I stopped snuggling into Harry and he smiled at me and asked me "Can you look for Zayn please Baby."

"Yes sure." and I began to walk to the big, beige tent to get my coat. When I got to the tent I sat down on a garden chair and began to think of where Zayn could be. After I thought for quite a while I thought to myself 'I knew where he could be' I came out of the tent and walked over to the other side of the lake where all of us went to sit at lunchtime last time. I heard what I thought was crying from behind the tree. I walked up to the tree very slowly "Zayn, Is that you?" I heard a sniffle. I asked again then I walked around the tree to find Zayn wiping away his tears, staring at me with red puffy eyes. I asked "What's the matter Zayn? Are you OK?" He just looked down at his hands and said nothing. I stood there in silence for a couple of minutes then I sat down next to him saying "look Zayn, you need to tell me what's up? Please, I care about you and I don't like to see you sad."

He typed the answer phone message number into his phone and passed me it, not making a sound.

This was the Message:


"Hi, Zayn. Darling I thought you may want to know that.........look this is going to be difficult for you because you were close to Molly...............ok, here's the thing........Molly has......erm.......has gone to doggy heaven.......I will speak to you later about it.....I am sorry to tell you that. I love you Zayn my little boy." And she hung up.

 I put the phone down slowly and said awkwardly "I am so sorry." I budged closer over to Zayn and I asked "Do you want a hug?" He nodded and I gave him a hug. I felt my shoulder get a little damper because Zayn began to cry. I felt no help at all. I heard over the top of Zayn's cry, a deep voice say "What’s the matter Zayn?"


I looked up to see Harry leaning against the tree whilst staring at me.  I stopped hugging Zayn and stood up, leaving Zayn sat down at the bottom of the tree. I took Harry's hand and walked around to the other side of the tree and whispered in Harry's ear "Zayn's dog has just died."

Harry looked sad "What? Mollie? Was it, Mollie?"

I nodded "Did you know Mollie?"

"Yes, I did know Mollie. Zayn was so close to her. Whenever I saw Zayn at his house, he was on his sofa with Mollie by his side."

Just then Zayn came up to us trying to stop crying. I looked into Zayn's puffy, red eyes and smiled at him to try and make him feel better. Harry patted him on the shoulder and said "It's OK mate. If you want to talk to me anytime just ask and I will."

Zayn smiled back slowly "Thanks Harry. You are a true brother to me." And then we all set off back to the lake.


When we got there Paul was waiting for us at the boat hut "Oh there you are Zayn."

Zayn looked up at him "What did you want me for?"

"I want you and Harry to go in one of these each" and he pointed at these kiddie, plastic toy boats.

Harry smirked "Your joking aren't you?"

Paul wasn't laughing though. He just pointed at the boats and said "Go on you two."

Harry looked at Zayn and they both began to walk over to the boats. I shouted over to Harry who was sitting in the boat "I will meet you at the hay bales later" and I walked over to the hay bales. I didn't notice at the time but when I sat down on the hay bale how far away they were away from everyone. I felt sleepy all of a sudden and laid on the hay bales and closed my eyes and I fell fast asleep.

A while after I heard familiar voices laughing and when I opened my eyes I saw Louis with a pen in his hand looking at me. I shot up and asked "What have you done Louis?"


They were all laughing. Harry handed me a mirror. I looked at my reflection and saw Louis had drawn a moustache on me. I shouted "LOUIS TOMLINSON!" he just stood there laughing. Harry tried not to laugh but he looked amused by this and he had a cheeky smile spread across his face. I asked Niall "can you pass me my bag?" and he stood up and passed me it. I began to rummage through the bag looking for my makeup wipes. After a few minutes I found them and began to wipe the pen moustache off.

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