The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


2. What were you saying Louis?

Zayn and Louis were sitting on the work surface whispering to each other. Then Zayn got up and went over to Niall who was sitting next to Liam, and began to whisper in his ear. Then Niall whispered in Liams ear. I felt very self conscious. Harry said to Louis "What were you saying? I herd my name." Louis just said "Its a secret." and went back over to Zayn. He looked very smug when he said it though. It was like he wanted Harry to know but didn't want him to know, if you know what I mean. Harry looked at Louis with his arms folded then said "Why wont you tell me?" Louis looked like he was trying not to laugh. Then said " you........well.........erm....... Doesn't matter." Harry said sounding very annoyed "It does matter Louis. Tell me." And Louis said "Well.........Zayn you say it." They were looking at me then Harry then again, me then Harry. Zayn said "Louis thinks that you have a thing for Megan." Harry said "Erm" and then walked out of the room. There was an awkward silence. My heart was beating so fast. Niall broke that awkward silence when his phone went off. His ring tone was a duck quacking it was funny. Zayn's laugh is so loud!

When everyone finished laughing Liam said "Oh, I have got to go.  Danielle has just text me saying can I come to hers. Well I will see    you guys tomorrow in that field in Kent. To shoot the live whilst were young music video. Bye." He got his coat from the living room and went out of the front door. He got in his big, green land rover and set off down the road. Louis, Niall and Zayn came over to me and pulled chairs up. Niall said "I think Harry likes you." Then Zayn butted in saying "Have you got a boyfriend?" I said "No" Then Louis said "What age are you? Because Harry is 17" I said in return "I am 17 years old" Harry at that point came in the kitchen. Niall,Zayn and Louis all got up and pretended to be making toast. Very stealthy. Harry smiled at me and then said to Niall "Why are you making toast?" Niall said in return "I don't know. Why are you asking questions?" Niall asked me "is there any peanut butter?" I pointed to the small cupboard next to the fridge. He went over to the cupboard and got the peanut butter. Then he totally forgot about the toast. And ran over to the toaster the toast was black. Then of all things the fire alarm went off. Zayn ran up stairs with a towel and started to fan the fire alarm at one point he nearly fell down the stairs. My ankle felt allot better. I said to Harry "Harry, can I try and get up? My ankle feels allot better." So he came over to me and held out his hand. And I held it. He helped me up. I put my arm around his neck and I hobbled through to the living room. He helped me sit down then Zayn, Louis and Niall came through and said "we have to go. I will see you tomorrow Harry." and Louis got his car keys for his Porsche and the boys went. Harry said "Do you want to watch a film?" And I said "Yes" he went over to the DVD stand and got the first film he found and popped it on. Then he went and sat next to me. 

When the film was half way through I herd a knock at the door. Harry went over to the door. It was my Dad. He came in and said "Where are the rest of the boys?" Harry said "They needed to go." Harry stayed for an extra five minutes and then said "Well its getting late. I will see you tomorrow ." Then He got his car keys for his vintage Jaguar E-Type Roadster and he went out of the door and got into his car. I stood at the window and he waved bye to me and I waved back, then he set off down the road. I went hobbling up stairs before my Dad could ask any questions about Harry. When I went in my bedroom I flopped into my bed and fell fast asleep.  

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