The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


10. What happened again?

I woke up to find Harry fast asleep on my piano stool leaning on the piano. I sat up really fast. My head was pounding. What happened yesterday? I felt shocking!!! Harry herd me cough and woke up. He said "hello, are you feeling better?" I felt like I was going to be sick. I ran to the toilet and began puking up in the toilet. Harry came running in. He said "so I will take that as a no." and sat next to me on the floor. I was shivering. I said "wh.....what happened again ye......yesterday?" He said "you had a beer and you began to throw up all over the place. I had to clear it all up yesterday. Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis are all asleep on the floor in the living room. All the girls went last night at 1:00am. Hazel,Grace and Jade put you to bed last night." I said "where's my Dad?" Harry said "he is coming home tomorrow remember he went to see his brother." I said "Did I make a fool of myself yesterday?" He said "well not really except from puking up everywhere!!!" I felt horrible. Harry said "do you want to stay up stairs or come down stairs with me?" I said "I....I go down stairs....wi....with you." He helped me up and walked me back to my bedroom to get my covers and pillows and we went down stairs. When we went into the living room all the boys were fast asleep. Harry said "wake up you lazy people it is twelve in the afternoon!!!" All the boys groaned. They all began to roll around and then I herd a muffled voice of Niall saying "I was sleeping." I felt sick again. I said "I feel sick." Harry put the pillows and cover on the sofa and I sat in the middle of them like I was a baby bird in a nest. Louis stood up and said "whats to eat Harry?" then all the rest of the boys got up and said "I am starving!!! Harry coz u love us can u make us something." He said whilst raising his eyebrows "Oh and have your hands fallen off?" Louis shrugged and said "well you know if I make us food you will end up with burnt beans on bread!!!" Niall butted in saying "isn't it beans on toast not bread." Louis smirked then said to Niall "Hey were you the one snogging Hazel yesterday?" Niall went red then said "erm.....yes that was me." Louis went over to him and chanted "Niall loves Hazel, Niall loves Hazel...." Over and over again. Harry said to me "do you want anything Megan?" I mumbled "no. But thanks for asking." He smiled at me and said "Well ok. Boys I am making you breakfast." Then he began to walk into the kitchen. Louis looked at me then said "erm....I am sorry for last night I thought you were older than that. Are you feeling better?" I nodded then said "I want to see Harry." and I stood up slowly then walked through slowly to the kitchen. My head was spinning. When I went through. Harry was making Fajitas. He was singing along to 'Diamonds. By Rihanna' on the radio. He spun round then stopped strait away. He looked at me then said "erm sorry. I was away with the radio." I went over to the glass cupboard and got a glass. Harry said "Oh I was going to make you a tea." I mumbled "Ok I will have a tea." and put the glass away. I hobbled over to near Harry was then said "thanks for helping me last night. And well........beeing there for me." He stopped cutting the chilies and said "it's ok."

Then Niall came running in and said "Harry you have got to see this!!!" Then he went running back through. We followed Niall through. And there in the middle of the floor was Louis dancing with one of my bra's over his top. I shouted "Louis!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!" Zayn was laughing his head off. Louis said in return "ok." then began to do a strut to my bedroom to put it back. I had to admit it was kind of funny.

Harry and I went back through to the kitchen. I said to him "do you need any help?" I was feeling allot better. But I still had a bad headache. He said "yes sure. You could start putting the salad and chicken in the wraps." So I set off doing my job. I herd a laughing at the top of the stairs then a clip clop clip clop of high heels. Then like 5 mins after I saw Louis in my bright blue stiletto shoes with my red lip gloss on. I said "Louis really!!!" He just cat walked over to me then said "soz darlin." in a silly voice. Then went over to Harry and said "I love you man!!!" Then hugged him in a joke way. Harry just stood there mouthing to me "Louis is soooooo weird!!!" Then Louis started to try and chop the chilies then said "you two are so cute together." Then rubbed his eyes. That was a mistake. He had chili on his hands. He cried out in pain "my eye's. They burn." Then Harry came rushing over to him and got some damp tissues and began to wipe Louis eyes. He is so kind!!!! Poor Louis.

Zayn,Niall and Liam came rushing in saying whats the matter then laughing at the shoes Louis was wearing. But they were all crowding around him. When Louis eye's were better he said "erm......I am so stupid sometimes. Then we all laughed. Harry went back to finish making the fajitas. The boys and I walked through to the living room whilst Harry was singing away in the kitchen. He is an amazing singer.

Harry came through whistling 'locked out of heaven. by Bruno mars' He announced out "If you want food get it now. Its on the table. And I have made a few extra." Everyone went rushing through. Except from me. Harry came back through and sat on the arm of the sofa and said "come on through. You never know if you have something you might feel better." so I got out of my duvet cocoon and walked through with Harry. The boys were all sitting on the work surfaces stuffing there mouths full of fajitas. Harry went over to the table and got me a fajita and then got one for himself and we tucked in. They tasted lovely. The chicken was so tender and warm with the contrast of the salad was superb!!!!!

After the boys had finished they came over to Harry and said "you are amazing at.......well.............EVERYTHING!!!!" Then Louis said over the top "they are nice and hot!!!"

Then they all went trailing off back into the living room and put the TV on. I had decided to go up stairs and go over my song that I had wrote one more time. I walked up stairs and knocked my door open. Then went over my cold laminated floor to an old seat next to my grand piano. I began to play. The notes G,B,D,G,B,C,G,A,D......and began to sing. I love singing it makes you feel so free and well...... alive. When I was singing the chorus Harry came sneaking up behind me and started to hum the words. I stopped strait away. And I looked up at Harry. I said "what are you doing here? I don't like people to listen to me singing." Harry said in return "sorry. By the way you have a beautiful voice. Do you want to sing 'Little things' on our new album." He pulled a chair up. And I began to play the tune on the piano. And he began to sing "your hand fits in mine like its made just for me....." and the next verse was mine. So here goes nothing, I thought to my self. And I began to sing "I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile....." Then we sung the chorus together. We looked into each others eyes whilst singing this part. I knew this song off by heart on the piano. Then when we were singing "Oh its you they add up to. And I am in love with you and-" We never finished that part because Harry kissed me on the lips. But just then Liam came in. And we had to stop. Why whenever I kiss Harry some one comes in and we have to stop. ITS NOT FAIR!!!!! 

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