The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


15. The roller coaster

We were in the line for the roller coaster when Zayn announced "I am really thirsty. I am going to get a drink. I'll be their in two, I'll be their in two, I'll be their in two." Then skipped off to the slushy machine and asked for a blue slushy then came back holding his slushy with pride. He arrived just in time because we were just sitting down in the roller coaster. I sat at the far end, Harry sat beside me and Zayn came and sat next to Harry. The seats were only supposed to hold two people but the woman didn't stop us so we stayed like this. Niall sat next to Louis and the roller coaster safety bar lowered down then we set off up the steep slope up, up, up then slowly  began to edge to the top of the slop. Then WOOOOSH!!! Down we went, the wind was blowing my hair all over the place! I looked over at Harry his hear was over his eyes but he didn't care he was shouting away with the rest of the boys. They were having so much fun!

All of a sudden I herd a "Oh shit!" and then a "ewww Zayn!!!" When I looked over at Zayn he had  slushy all down the front of him, also Harry was combing slushy out of his hair! Louis began to laugh "didn't you read the sign Zayn? It said no drinks or food on the roller coaster." Harry had his right eye closed wiping slushy out of his eye "Oh Zayn, you silly bugger" The Ice cold drink had left a bright blue stain down Harry's onesie. "Harry you have a massive blue stain on the front of your onesie now" Harry looked down "Zayn you must buy me a new onesie because you have killed this one" But Zayn wasn't listening he was shouting "I HAVE ICE COLD SLUSHY IN MY ONESIE!!!! AHHH HARRY HELP!!!!" but we couldn't do anything because we were still on the roller coaster. Zayn unzipped the zip a quarter of the way down and began to scoop slushy out of his onesie. It was so funny! He was saying "AHHH, OHHH, AHHH, COLD! COLD I SAY!" The ride was slowing down and it came to a stand still to Zayn's relief. The safety bar went up and we all got out. 

The woman who was supposed to be supervising the ride walked past us looking at Harry's stained onesie then tutting. Harry looked surprised "did you see her tutting at me? hahaha Zayn this is all your fault!" Zayn lifted his arms up then smirked "Soz you guys! hahaha" and we all looked at him and began to laugh."

After the roller coaster we went on the teacups and Louis managed to get candy floss in Niall's hair. After that Harry won me a huge unicorn on the coconut stand and Zayn won a little leprechaun teddy that he gave to Niall. Then we went in a mirrored walled room and Louis ended up running full pelt into the wall. He was fine though! Then we went on the bounce castle and Liam slipped off and fell on top of Niall with a crash. That was funny!

When it was getting dark we all went back to the boys house. When we got in Louis unzipped his onesie and walked through to the kitchen in his boxers totally forgetting I was here. I looked away from him "Louis really? Put some clothes on! I don't want to see you in your boxers." I protested. But he just stood there making himself a cup of coffee. Harry came in with his touch screen ipod in his hand playing 'Free falling by John Mayer' when he saw Louis standing there in his boxers he just went over to him and handed him a mug from the cupboard "I will have a tea with one sugar" he announced then Harry walked over to me singing "And I'm free, free fallin, fallin?" and put his arm around me. 

Harry and I walked through to the living room to find Niall, Liam and Zayn watching football  on T.V then cheering whenever someone got a goal in. Louis came through holding a cup of tea for Harry and his own cup of coffee in the other hand. Louis got Harry's attention by clearing his throat. Harry looked up from his laptop and held out his hand gesturing to Louis to give him his cup of tea. So Louis gave him his tea and walked upstairs to get his dressing gown. 


I came and sat next to Harry peering over his shoulder reading his tweets:

@Harry1Dgirl (8 Hours ago)- Hi Harry, I saw you on the front of the news paper! Is it true you are going out with someone? :( 

1D@cat (7 Hours ago)- Is it true? Are u going out wif someone Hazza?

Happy@StylesQueen (7 Hours ago)- If it's true Harry congratz xxx

Charlotte_sweetheart (1 Hour ago)- u are an untalented person who has attention from every girl on the planet. Hate u!!!

Reply from @Katy_Perry (20 mins ago)- Hey that is a horrid thing to say about little Harry. U are the person who is horrible if u say those horrid things!

Reply from @Harry_Styles (1 min ago)- Cheers Katy 

Reply from @Katy_Perry (a few secs ago)- It's ok sweetie x


Harry looked over at me saying "hey, you are so nosy" I looked at my hands trying to seem puzzled by this statement. He smiled at me saying "I saw you read my tweets so don't act like you didn't. I don't mind you looking at my tweets anyway so don't worry Megan." Just then Louis came in to the living room in his orange dressing gown and sat next to Niall and began cheering with them.  Harry clicked on skype on his laptop and then clicked on chat with 'Anne Cox'. All of a sudden a long brown haired woman popped up on Harry's screen. Harry began to chat to her saying "Hi Mum" I had just realized it was Harry's mum. She said in a cheery voice "Hi Harry, I haven't spoke to you in ages. What have you been up to?" 

Harry paused and looked up at me then announced to his Mum "Me and the boys are making a new music video for 'Live while were young' and I have met this girl called Megan and she is so nice and I asked her out and she is now going out with me."

Anne's eyebrows raised "and is she with you now?"

Harry looked up from his laptop "Megan can you please come over here so my Mum can see you?" I came over and sat next to Harry. Anne smiled then said "so you must be Megan. U are so pretty! Have you two finished the music video? Or is there more to do?" Harry replied saying "No we are going to go back to Kent tomorrow to film the last clips for it. Then we are going to stay here for a while because me and the boys have talked it over with our manager and he says we can stay here for the six week holidays! So that is going to be cool." Anne sighed then mumbled "Harry when are you coming home? I am missing you." She looked so sad and tearful. I announced "Hey, Harry why don't you and I go up to see your mum on Wednesday?" Harry grinned then said "that would be a god idea! Are you OK with that mum?" She nodded strait away and  approving it by saying "Yes you can stay over you two then come back on Thursday. I will tell Gemma to come over and I will make toad in the hole!" Harry's eyes lit up when he herd the words "toad in the hole." So I assumed that it was Harry's comfort food. I looked up at the clock. It was 10pm! I announced to Harry and Anne "Oh, gosh look at the time. I have to go! I will see you tomorrow Harry and you four. It has been lovely speaking to you Anne and I will see you on Wednesday." Harry lent over to me and kissed me goodbye. I stood up after that and walked trough to the coat rack and got my coat and walked out of the door.

But I had just realized that I was still wearing Niall's onesie. I came back inside and shouted over to Harry "I am just going to change out of Niall's onesie and I ran upstairs to Harry's room. I got out of the onesie and folded it neatly on Harry's bed. Then popped my jeans and top on and ran back down stairs. I swung my head round the living room door and shouted "Bye" and ran out of the house and away home. 

I burst in the door and into the kitchen and said "I am so sorry I am late. I was on skype to Harry's mum. Harry and I are going to go to Cheshire to see her on Wednesday and coming back on Thursday. I am bursting for a wee and I am going to go strait to bed after that. So I will speak to you tomorrow Dad." And I ran up stairs and into the bathroom. After that I walked into my bedroom and put my pj's on and slipped into my nice warm bed and dropped off to sleep.

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