The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


12. The media!!!

I woke up to my Dad shouting me "MEGAN, GET DOWN STAIRS NOW!!!" I got up strait away and put my slipper's on. And went down stairs. My Dad was standing in the kitchen glaring at me. He said "SO, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL ME?" I was so confused. I said "I don't know what your talking about. What is it?" He was holding a newspaper. He told me to "sit down immediately" So I pulled a kitchen chair out from under the table and sat on it. He read out the heading of the newspaper. "Harry styles caught kissing in car at cinema" I looked up strait away. He chucked the newspaper on the table. I picked it up and looked at it. Oh bum. There I was with Harry on the front page snogging in Liam's car!!! I looked up at my Dad and said "I can explain." He looked so angry!!! He spluttered out "I thought I could trust you!!!! TWO DAY'S!!!! TWO DAY'S I have been away for!!!! And.......and.......YOU!!!! EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!!!" He was fuming. I mumbled "well......erm" I didn't know what to say. I said eventually to him " was Harry's birthday on Saturday and I.......well...... invited him round with the boys and well......Hazel,Grace and Jade and......erm.......I got kind of......erm......Drunk and I was sick everywhere " you could see my Dad getting more angry and angry. I kept on going though "And.....erm........the next day we went to the cinema and erm........I kind of go out with Harry........and....well......I snogged him in the car on the way back.......OK." My Dad butted in shouting "WHEN DID HE ASK YOU OUT? YOU SILLY GIRL!!!" I answered with "erm.......on the shoot for live whilst were young." He interrupted again shouting "YOU KNOW I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO OUT WITH ANYONE UNTIL-" I stood up and shouted "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! YOU ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO TAKE OVER. AND WELL I AM SICK OF IT!!! You can't stop me from loving Harry. Good he cares for me. NOT LIKE YOU!!!!" and I ran back upstairs crying. I put my hair in a messy bun and put some jeans and a top on and ran out of the house. 

I ran strait for the old cotton mill that Harry and the boys were staying in.  I herd my Dad shouting "WAIT MEGAN COME BACK!!!" I didn't turn back though. When I got there it was amazing, how someone would think of turning an old cotton mill into a new house. I banged on the door. I herd a moaning voice shout "ONE MINUTE, DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST!!!" Then a very angry Niall opened the door. He perked up immediately and said "Oh, sorry I didn't know it was you-" I burst out into tears. Niall said "Oh...erm......" Then shouted "HARRY, get up....NOW!!! Megan is in tears at the door." I herd a deep dreamy voice shout "I am coming." then some few groans from up stairs. Then I saw Harry coming down the stairs in his blue long dressing gown. His curly locks were all messed up. He looked so tired. He came up to me and gave me a huge hug and said "What's the matter darling?" I sobbed out "" I couldn't speak properly because I was crying to much. He said "come on through to the living room. He guided me through to the living room then we both sat on the sofa. After I calmed down a bit I said "Have you got the daily mail?" He looked puzzled then said "No. Why?" I said in return "We are on the front of the newspaper kissing in Liam's car!!!" His jaw dropped open then he said "Us.........on...on the front of the daily mail. Oh crap!!! What does it say about us?" I didn't read the article I just read the tittle. SO I said "The tittle was, Harry styles caught kissing in car at cinema. Or something like that?" He stood up and walked over to the bottom of the stairs and said "Zayn,Louis and Liam get yourself's down stairs NOW!!!" I herd a groan or two from up stairs and a angry shout from Louis saying "Shut up!!!! It's not work today so I don't need to get up!!! I have a really bad headache!!!" Harry came running up stairs and I herd the clicking of light switches and protesting from the boys. Then I herd a deep mumbling voice saying something. Then Zayn shouting "OH SHIT!!!!" and then two minutes latter all the boys were down in the living room.  Louis was in his red pajama bottoms and his slippers. Zayn was in a cow onsie. Niall was in his baggy grey trousers and top. And Liam was wearing a purple onsie. It did make me laugh when Zayn came in. I said to him "where did you get that onsie?" And he said "the women section in M&S!!!" then I said "why did you get a women onsie not a men's onsie?" And his only answer was "they didn't have any in my size." Then he came and sat on the arm of the sofa. The room was a mess. There were dirty mugs and fish and chip wrappers on the coffee table. And I wont even mention the smell. I said to Harry "can you open a window? It smells horrible in here!!!" He got up and walked to the window. He looked angry. I asked "whats the matter?" He said "There is a person with a camera pointing at my bedroom window upstairs." Then when he opened the window he shouted at the man "YOU, OVER THERE" the man looked up at Harry. he carried on shouting "BUGGER OFF!!!" And the man looked so startled he just got up and ran then jumped over the fence and away he went. Harry came back over to me and said "the cheeky bugger he was trying to get a pic of me to put in the newspaper and put some random thing saying like Harry jumps into bed with the girl from the cinema or something like that." Then he had just realized what he said and looked shocked with himself. Then he sat down and didn't talk for a while. Louis said "so whats the matter? And how would the person even now about you two kissing at cinema anyway. Its not like there was loads of people there or-" he stopped the said in a weak voice "oh, is that what the matter is?" I said holding back tears "and my found out...." Niall interrupted saying "aren't we going to do the rest of the music video tomorrow. Well that's going to be awkward!!!" Zayn said to me "so.......what are you going to do? Does your Dad know you are here?" I said in return "No he just saw me running away from the house." Harry stood up and said "we have got to sort this out." I said sobbing "but w....what are going to do? He w....wont listen." Harry bent down so his eyes were level with mine and then he said "It will be all ok." in his deep Cheshire accent. He got hold of my hands and pecked me on the lips. Then he got up and went up stairs. when he was upstairs Louis said "Harry isn't going to give up on you. Knowing him he will go to your Dads house and try and have a civilized convocation." A few minutes latter I herd a slam of the front door and I saw Harry walking up the road. I stood up and began to run to the door. Louis got up with me and he followed me out of the house and we both ran to catch up with Harry. I said to Harry "what are you doing?" He said "I am going to speak to your Dad." Louis was at the other side of Harry. Louis said "Harry this cold get our new music video, not a new music video." But Harry just said "well it's worth it for Megan." When we got up to the front door Harry began to knock and my Dad swung the door open. He he went straight over to me and hugged me said "oh my baby girl I thought I had lost you." I pulled away and said "get off me!!!" I was still so angry with him. I said "let Harry and Louis inside so we can speak civilized with them about the hole issue!!!" My Dad looked shocked that I was being like this. He nodded then stomped through to the kitchen. I looked at Harry and smiled reassuringly at him. He held out his hand and I held his hand so tight my hand began to sweat. When we got through to the kitchen my Dad was there stood with his arms folded leaning back on the fridge. He said sternly to Harry "SO, YOU BETTER EXPLAIN!!!!" Harry looked quite worried then. He cleared his throat then began to say "well.......when we were waiting for the swimming pool to fill up. I asked Megan to come with me and I asked her out. And well....... I..... erm........ Kissed her when she had said yes. And on Saturday it was my 18th birthday and well...... Louis here asked Megan if it would be OK if we came round to hers to have a surprise party for well..... Me. And it ended in Megan throwing up everywhere because Louis gave her a pint. And well you get it." My Dad shouted "YOU GET IT!!! YOU GET IT!!!" I shouted over the top of my Dad saying "DAD LET HARRY FINNISH!!!! YOU ARN'T LISTENING AND WELL...........YOUR BEING HORRIBLE!!!" He shut up and Harry started again "I know you can stop the music video from happening but you can never stop me from loving your daughter!!!" My Dad listened to that bit and said "you have some courage lad speaking to me like that but..........well.....erm...." He went really quiet and mumbled "you are rite" I said to my Dad "what was that say it a bit louder" So he said a bit louder "you're rite. DID YOU HEAR IT THAT TIME!!!" I smiled at Harry and then said to my Dad "just like you can't stop me doing this." And I got hold of Harry and snogged him in front of my Dad!!! Harry looked shocked when I did it but soon got into it. After we had finished I looked into Harry's eyes and smiled. Louis was the most shocked out of the lot of us. His eyebrows were raised and the shock on his face was a picture. His jaw was nearly touching the floor his mouth was that wide open!!! Well OK, that was a bit over exaggerated but it was wide open.

When we looked over to my Dad he said in a stubbed voice to Harry "HARRY DO YOU REALLY LOVE HER?" He looked up surprised then said "well yes I do. I love her to peaces!!!" Then my Dad said whilst looking at me "well I was young once and I felt the same about your Mum Megan. Until know......she died in a car crash. So Harry I will trust you with Megan and if you don't you have something coming your way. You are a young gentlemen and you are so brave going up to me and saying those things. You put your love for Megan in front of your own safety and I respect you for that. So go and have fun you guys. Here-" and he dug out his wallet and gave us fifty pounds each even Louis!!! I was gobsmacked. My Dad said "There is a fair going on in the park not so far away from here. Go and enjoy your self's" And we all said at the same time "thanks so much." and we walked out of the door. When we shut the door I had a beaming smile on my face. Harry said "That went well." and we all headed for the boys house.    

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