The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


14. The Ferris Wheel

When we got there there was a tall, blonde girl standing at the gates with a money pot and a stamper shouting "£2 to come to the fair of your life! You will love it. This will be the last day we will be here so come and have fun!" The girl stopped this chant when we came over to her. I smiled at her then I said "can I have six passes please." and placed in her hand a twenty pound note. She started to look at Harry and doing that biting your lip thing to try and get Harry's attention. I tried to ignore her. But she was just doing it constantly and not getting my change. I interrupted her trance by coughing then saying "erm....hello? You need to give me my change." She scowled at me then smiled at Harry then said then said "oh sorry I was away their." and started to dig through her change bag. After about five minutes she managed to find the right amount of change to give me then forced the change  down in my hand letting a pound coin roll away. Harry was to busy talking to the boys to notice she was a complete cow!!! She asked Harry "Hi are you Harry Styles out of one direction?" Harry looked up from the convocation he was having with the boys then said to her "well yes I am the one the only Harold Edward Styles." And smiled. Louis said also "And me the carrot eating champion hence the carrot onesie." whilst doing a theatrical air grab. Lolz. She interrupted whilst glaring at Louis "I know who you all are!!! I was just asking because once I went up to what I thought was you Harry but when I ran towards the figure and hugged it........well the figure turned around in shock and said "get off me you weirdo!! It was a total stranger!!" We managed to pull away from her after we got a stamp on our hand saying "fair of fun" I think we may have been their all day if it wasn't for Niall saying "well Harry really needs a wee don't you Harry" Harry looked confused then said "oh........yes I do." and we went.

When we went through the gate Louis said "I want to go on the big wheely thingy. It look's cool." He was pointing at the Ferris wheel. Niall said "don't you mean the Ferris wheel?" "yes whatever you said Niall." So we all walked over to the Ferris wheel. There were three kids in front of us with their parents. The little girl began to look at Zayn, Nial and Louis then tugged on her mum's shirt. Then said "Mummy there is a dragon in the line talking to a cow and a carrot." Niall smirked then whispered something in Zayn's ear. The girls mum didn't look over and said to her little girl who looked around six   "Annie darling, there is no such thing as a dragon and why would there be a talking cow with a carrot." Niall tapped the woman on her shoulder she turned around and went silent when she saw Niall in his Dragon onesie "Hey there is such a thing as dragons! See I am a dragon." then Zayn and Louis stud forward then said "hi I am a cow and I am carrot" then both smiled at her. She just looked with her mouth wide open. The little girl got her mum's attention back by tugging on her top saying "its our turn top go on the wheely thingy. Louis bent down to her then said "do you eat all your vegetables?" She just squealed "yes I eat all my veggies. I am a good girl." she had a huge grin on her face whilst stuffing her small mouth full of candy floss and skipped onto the ride with her mum getting dragged along behind her. Then the man made the Ferris wheel go up a notch then groaned "go in twos please and get a seat." He looked so board! 

Niall quickly went over to Zayn and said "Dibs going with Zayn and they skipped onto the wheel. Then Liam went on with Louis that only left me and Harry. Harry turned around and looked into my eyes he said in his deep tone "So I will go with you." And he smiled. I brushed my fingers through his curly locks going in for a kiss when the man interrupted saying "you two, do you even want to go on this ride? If no bugger off!!! I have been here all day just standing around." We quickly walked over to the ferris wheel seat and sat down. We pulled the bar down to secure us in and the ferris wheel set off. Up it went and when we got to the very top it stopped! The music went off as well. Harry peered down and shouted "hey, whats happened to the wheel?" The man looked up and shouted "stay calm. I think the machine has over heated." I looked at Harry puzzled then said "what is he going to do about it?" "I don't have a clue but whatever he is doing he has walked away." "Oh he is nice isn't he" I said in a sarcastic voice. Harry smiled then said "well we could make the time we are up here worth while." He scooted over to me then slipped his hand in mine and faced me. With his other hand he put my hood down so he could see my hole face then he lent in and kissed me. Every time he lent in he came back for more. We herd Niall above us whistling at us and the same with Zayn. But we didn't stop. I put my arms around him still kissing. I think this is the first time someone hasn't stopped us!!! Harry gave me one more kiss then looked into my eyes breathing gently then whispered "I love you Megan." Then as if it was magic the ferris wheel began to move on again.

When we got off the ride I saw the girl at the gate scowling at me with venom. I smiled and made a victory sign with my right hand and then requested "you guys can we go on the roller coaster?" Louis looked up from his candyfloss he had bought from a stall and said "well I want to go on the teacups but yeah why not." so we all set off to the roller coaster.

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