The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


13. The fair ground

When we got to the house Niall,Liam and Zayn were all singing in the living room doing harmonies in there new song 'heart attack' and when I went in the room and sat down on the sofa next to Zayn. They were singing "and owww!!!! your givin me a heart attack gettin over you ooo..." Harry came in strait after shouting "and, owww!!!" All the boys looked up and said "so did it all work out ok?" Then Louis came in singing "your givin me a heart attack gettin over you ooo..." Louis came and launched himself at the sofa and he landed strait in the middle of the sofa and landed on Zayn. Zayn shouted out "Ouch Louis, get up you big lump!!!" But Louis didn't move he just stayed there. But it was a bit awkward because his head was resting on my knees but he soon sat up. Harry came and sat next to me and started to tell the story to the boys "well, we talked things over and he ended up agreeing with me and well he thought I was a gentlemen and well I have still got my amazing girlfriend." Then he put his arm around me and I lent in closer to him. Then Niall said "so what are we going to do today?" I had forgotten to tell them about the fair. So I announced "there is a fair down the road and we could go there." Zayn said with Louis still on his knee "Yes that sound a good idea. Lett's all go in our onsie's please,please,please?" Louis said "I want to go in my carrot onsie!!! I have still got it!!!" Then Liam said "I don't know? What if the media come and well we will be in the newspaper in our onsie's!!!" Niall said "don't be a spoil sport it will be a laugh." Then Liam gave up then said "well OK." Louis got up and said "SO Harry, Is it a yes or a no?" Harry was just about to speak when Louis butted in again saying "thanks Harry for saying yes." Then he went skipping out of the room. But he soon turned back an asked me "Have you got a onsie Megan?" My new one had a big coffee stain down the front of it so I said "no I don't have one." Louis then said "one minute Niall is 5ft,7 what height are you Megan?" I said "I am 5ft,7 nearly 5ft,8. Why do you need to know that anyway? Louis said "you can borrow one of Niall's onesie's. Niall which one can she have? The dragon or the green one with a red pattern on." Niall looked up from his guitar and said "oh, you can borrow my green one because I am wearing the dragon one. Which one are you wearing Harry?" Harry said "I am going to wear my white one that I bought with you guys during the x-factor." Harry got up and said "Come on then let's all put them on." So we all got up and began to go up stairs. Louis said "Niall can you get Megan's?" And Niall went in to his room and racked through his wardrobe. He shouted me through. And he passed me it. His room was surprisingly tidy. The only mess was some hoodies and shoes on his bed. When I came back to the landing Louis came out of his room in a bright orange carrot onesie. And I asked him "where can I get changed?" He pointed to his room and said "You can get changed in there." SO I walked in to find Harry zipping his onesie up. I said "Oh, sorry" and walked back out. After a minute or to I herd Harry say "you can come back in now." And I came in with Niall's onesie. I said "wow your room is a mess!" He said in return "Yep I have to share a room with Louis. He just chucks everything on the floor. I will meet you downstairs then." And he left me to get in Niall's onesie. It was lovely and warm.

I went down stairs to find a dragon (Niall), a carrot (Louis), a cow (Zayn), a mushroom (Liam) and a hot marshmallow (Harry). Niall said "I can't believe that fits you!" Then Harry said "Well we better set off." We all went out of the front door and Zayn stopped to lock the door. We all waited for him and we set of down the road. I held Harry's hand whilst walking. And the other three walked behind us. An old lady looked at us and said "what are you wearing? You look so silly." The funny thing was Zayn answered by saying "I am sorry but I am a cow I only speak cowish. Mooooo!!!" And we all began to laugh. The old lady looked so cross though. So I said "sorry about him." and we carried on down the street. When we were nearly there some girls came over to us screaming "OMG, IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!" But I knew the girls they were from school. They are the popular gang at school. They are mean to everyone. But when they came up to us they looked at me then said "Megan? Why are you holding Harry's hand?" I looked at Harry and me said "Megan here is my girlfriend." There mouth's flew wide open. Sally the leader of the group said "But Harry you are to hot for Megan. You should go for someone like me!" Harry just said in return "No Megan is mine and I love her." And he kissed me. I felt like saying "Ha in your face you stuck up cow!" But I didn't because I still have to cope with her after the six weeks holiday. Sally said "Megan you look stupid in that onesie." Niall looked offended at that and went in front of me and said "That's my onesie!!! What are you trying to say?" Katy blushed then pushed Sally to one side and said "I love that onesie. But not as much as you." Niall said "do you want an autograph?" And she squealed then said "I WOULD LOVE ONE!!!!" And she turned around and pointed to her back. Niall,Zayn,Louis,Harry and Liam signed her back with a sharpie. When we carried on walking I said to Niall "did you know you signed Katy's t shirt with a sharpie and sharpie's go through material." Niall smirked then said "yep, I did know."

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