The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


29. Thanks..

Harry's pov-

I wanted to kiss Megan for all eternity but for now I had to do what she says or I won't be going near her lips in quite a while!

I followed her downstairs watching her hair swish from side to side as she walked down the stairs.. She had lovely hair! Well.. Everything about her was lovely but her hair caught the sunlight from the window on the left very nicely indeed!

As we walked into the living room my mum and Gemma looked up from the sofa.. My mum looked like she was hiding back tears... This made me feel sad... I looked back at Megan and she gave me a reassuring smile.

I walked over to my mum as she got up and opened up her arms, welcoming me into a huge mummy hug... Wow! I have missed these hugs!

"Aw, my big big boy!" she lent out of the hug as she placed one hand on ether side of my face and looked right into my eyes "no matter what happens in life.. You know you can tell me anything and I will understand fully well.. Because you know what?" she said pausing...

"what" I said quietly.

Her dimples Began to appear on ether side of her cheeks as she said proudly "because.. You will all ways be my baby!" she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then smiled before hugging me tightly again... I Love My Mum... She is the best mum I could have ever hoped for and the only one I will ever have!

Gemma's pov-
As Harry and Mum were having a chat I decided to gesture to Megan to come and sit next to me for a while so we could have a chat because I hadn't had much time to chat with her in the kitchen because mum was doing most of the talking.. "soo.." I said as I got Megan's attention...

"yeah" Megan said kind of smiling slash holding in tears.

"what do you do in your spare time?" I asked trying to think of a conversation starter..

"oh.." she said thinking "I usually sit in my room listening to music drawing or singing songs that I have done on the piano..." she smiled as I nodded to her.

"wow, do you know what I have all ways wanted to learn to play?" I said to her as she looked puzzled.. "the guitar" I said smiling.

"same here! I have tried before but it's just so difficult because you have to put your hands in so many difficult positions." she said babbling on..

"I know right!" I said agreeing with her then I said "Harry knows how to play a few simple songs and chords.. He has tried to teach me before but I nearly dropped his guitar hahaha that was a funny day" I began to laugh remembering the series of events that had happened when Harry tried to teach me how to play the guitar.

Megan began to chuckle to.. She has a rely good personality.. And she is so kind and considerate!

I think she is the best girlfriend Harry has brought home in a long time! He has found his true soul mate.. I think.. "Megan..." I paused as I gave her time to look back at me because her eyes were glued onto Harry...

"yeah" she said sounding interested.

"I just had to tell you that.. Erm.." I paused and the smiled at her to Finnish my sentence "your a really kind girl and I wish you and Harry will keep on going.. I love it how your all ways there for one another and I like that about you two! It's just so cute!"

She seemed complimented by this.. I could tell this because she was blushing ever so slightly.. "thanks" she grinned.

"well I'm only speaking the truth" I smiled.

She smiled politely back saying "that's very nice of you.." she paused then carried on "Gemma, your so friendly and kind.."

This made me feel all nice inside and I uttered "oh, me!? Thanks"

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