The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


9. Party!!!!

I went over to the girls and said "girls this is Harry my amazing boyfriend. Harry this is Hazel,Jade and Grace." They all giddily said "Hi, Harry." Then Louis came over and said "hey you guys do you want a drink?" He was holding up two beers. Harry said "why not." and got one off Louis. Then Louis gave the other one to me. I thought to my self 'Its only one pint. I wont get drunk over one pint surely not!!!' And began sipping it. Hazel and Grace were older than me, so they were helping there self's to the stuff!!! But Jade just looked at me shocked that I was having a pint. She whispered in my ear saying "what are you doing? You aren't old enough!!!! Just pour it down the sink when no one is looking or something!!!" I didn't listen to her though. I am so stupid.

Harry, after that took my hand and said "thank you so much for this party." I love it!!! Your friends are so funny." I just nodded and smiled. I felt sick. Harry said "are you OK Megan?" I nodded again and then walked through to the living room with Harry. I was shocked to find Hazel and Niall snogging on the sofa. Harry looked at them and said "get a room you two." They stopped right away. And Hazel said "Erm............Hi you two." And I came and sat next to her. Harry came and put his arm around me and said "are you sure your OK?  You look very pale." just then I ran for the bin and threw up. Harry came up to me and said "oh my god are you OK  LOUIS turn the music off!!!" I was throwing up everywhere. I had just stopped when everyone came rushing in. They all went "ewww. Are you OK Megan" I was curled up in a ball on the floor shivering. Harry was stroking my head and saying "Its OK Megan. You will be fine." and reassuring things like that. He helped me up slowly and said "come on you. Lets get you cleaned up." Harry must have a really strong stomach because he didn't flinch once. He took me through to the kitchen with Hazel,Jade and Grace following behind. When we got to the sink I threw up again. Jade just looked at me and said "Well I did tell you not to drink that pint." Harry looked shocked and said "when did you have a pint?" to me. I answered in short gasps " it wh...when Louis....gave" and I threw up again!!!! I felt so stupid. Why didn't I listen to Jade!!! 

Harry got a tea towel from the draw and started to wipe my face with it. I had sick all in my hair. Harry said "what am I going to do with you?" then smiled. Hazel said "do you want a drink Meg? I nodded. She got a beaker out of the cupboard then went to turn the tap on and said "erm........Harry can you actually get the water" She looked grossed out because there was sick all over the sink side. Harry got the beaker and turned the tap. Water came out and he got the drink and gave it to me. Grace said "Harry, you have sick on your arm." He looked at his new jacket and said "Oh well." and began to wipe it off.

Liam came through and said to me "are you OK " I said shivering "I......I feel-" and was sick again in the sink. Harry said "you better go to bed. Hazel and you two can you take her up stairs? I will come up with a hot water bottle later and check on her." Hazel nodded and came over to me and helped me up slowly. I hobbled up stairs without being sick and Grace helped me into bed. I said "Thanks you three. I should have listened to you Jade." and fell fast asleep.    

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