The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


4. Out at lunch. Still in a field!!!

We all went over to the lake and sat under a huge tree with a rope swing on it,  with our cups of tea and bacon butties. I was nice and warm with a fresh dry top on. We were all eating when Niall went "where is Louis?" and everyone looked up. Then there was a "GERONIMO" and Louis ran full pelt at the rope swing and jumped on. Then fell of with a big splash. Louis swam back to the lake side and Harry helped him up on the bank. He was dripping. We all began to laugh. Louis' hair was plastered down to his head. He looked hilarious. After that commotion Zayn suggested "why don't we play truth or dare on my phone" We all said "well,why not." and we began to play.

It was Zayn who started it off. He said "Niall, truth or dare?" Niall thought for a while an then said "dare!" Zayn clicked on the app then shuck the phone. He read out "Niall,you must get a pen and let the person on your left draw a smiley face on your belly." So Louis got a pen and began to draw a face on Niall's belly. It was really funny. Then Zayn said "So Liam,Truth or dare?" Liam said strait away "Truth" Everyone said "Come on, chose dare!" So he changed his mind and said "dare" with regret in his voice. Zayn shook the phone. Zayn read out loud "Liam,the member on your right must think of a dare to give you" Zayn was on his right so he said "Liam, whenever someone says dog you must bark four times in a row." Louis took the utter mick and in every sentence he said dog. But it was funny. Then Zayn said "Megan,truth or dare?" I wanted to say truth but I didn't want to be a wimp so I foolishly said "Dare" Zayn said "Ok then time for the dare." and shook the phone. Zayn looked amused by the dare. He looked up with a big grin on his face. Oh bum. what was it? He said "So Megan,you will love this one. Are you ready?" He looked at Harry and then grinned again. Zayn said "The dare is to kiss the person on your left on the lips." Harry was on my left. Good it wasn't one of the rest of the boys. I had butterfly's in my tummy. I whispered in Harry's ear "can I?" He said in return "yes" and we faced each other, he put his hands on my hips and I put my arms around his neck. You should have herd the boys. They were saying "Kiss,Kiss,Kiss,Kiss" Harry kissed me on the lips. Niall said " two! you can stop now. Its grossing us out now." So we did. Zayn had his hands over his eyes. The same Niall. Harry's green eyes were enchanting and his chestnut brown, curly hair was blowing in the wind. He whispered in my ear "That taught them." and we both smirked.  Zayn interrupted saying "OK,so lets go on with the game lover birds." Zayn carried on with the game. I didn't pay any attention because I was still staring into Harry's eyes. Harry started to move in for another kiss but when our lips touched. Louis poured freezing cold river water over me. I screamed so loud Harry fell backwards onto Zayn. I jumped up and shouted "Louis, you idiot. Why did you do that!!!!" But he didn't hear me he was to busy laughing. Wait.....all the boys were laughing except from Harry. Why were they laughing at me? I looked down at my top. Oh shit!!! I had a white top on. They could all see my bra!!!!! Harry came over and took his hoodie off and gave it me he said "here put this on." and he came and sat next to me. When Louis stopped laughing he came over to me and Harry and said "Sozy I forgot you had a white top on. And Harry I love you man." In a joke way. And launched himself at Harry. You could just here a muffled voice of Harry saying "Louis get off you heavy lump." But he didn't get off Harry. Louis was joking around. Harry ended up pushing him off. Harry's hair was all over the place. He styled his hair again then stood up and dusted his clothes down. He held out his hand and said "Megan come with me for a second." I got hold of his hand and he pulled me up. All the boys started to whistle. And going "Harry and Megan sitting in a tree......." We began to walk off when Liam shouted "Sorry to interrupt but we should have been back five minutes ago I have just realized the time!!!" We all began to run back to the place were we should have been. But because my ankle still hurt a little, I was falling behind the group. Harry stopped to wait for me. When I got over to him, he said "Come on slow coach. Do you know what happens to the person who falls behind." He paused for a second and then said "A monster comes up behind you and GET'S YOU!!!" And when he said that he flung me over his shoulder and began to run. I was shouting "Harry, put me down. Harry." I could here him laugh then he said "Nope, I am never letting go of you beautiful." He started to slow down and began to walk when we got back. I was still hanging over his shoulder. Everyone looked at us like we were total weirdos. I began to kick my legs and said "Harry, put me down." So finally he did. He place me down on a hay bale. I sternly said "Look at my hair now. It's a mess." He looked into my eyes and said "You still look beautiful in my eyes." and then he put his hands on my hips and he was just about to kiss me when I saw my Dad out of the corner of my eye and I jumped back from Harry. I totally forgot I was on a hay bale and I fell. My head hit a coat someone had left there so I was ok. But Harry came rushing over saying "Megan are you ok?" I began to laugh. Harry's face looked relieved when I began to laugh. He is such a caring person. He helped me up and said "Why did you even jump back?" He didn't see my Dad. I just said really quietly "My Dad is over there." He said "do you know you could have just whispered Dad alert, not jump back and fall over." And we began to laugh.         

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