The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


6. Lanterns

When we all got out side my Dad was opening giant bags of paper lanterns. When he saw us he said "You lot come over here. You need to help put out the lanterns." So we all went over to him and began helping. We all laid them out on the flimsy garden table. My Dad said "I have to get a cup of tea you lot take over and Finnish this." And he set off down the field to the coffee tent. When I was trying to hang up a lantern I herd a voice in the darkness it said "Megan. Pst....over here." I went over to the dark tall figure. He stepped out of the darkness. It was Harry he came over to me and said "Who did you think it was? hahaha" He must have seen me squinting at him and looking quite scared. I said in return "I couldn't see your face in the darkness. I was scar-" I never got to finish what I was saying because Harry began to kiss me. He put his arms around me still kissing me. He began to lean towards me and we lost our balance and fell. Just then Louis came with a lantern he just said in a grossed out voice "Get a room you two. And by the way Megan I need to speak to you." Harry and I stood up and dusted our self's down. I looked at Harry and smiled. I began to walk to Louis it was really awkward. Louis said "Harry can you go for a minute." Harry smiled and said "Yes, sure. See you later Megan." And blew a kiss in my direction and began to walk over to Niall and Zayn.

Louis began to say in a quiet voice "Megan its Harry's birthday in three days. I was thinking of a surprise party for him. But I don't now were it should be." I thought for a while then realized my Dad was going for the weekend to see his brother. So I said to Louis "Why don't you make the party at mine. My Dad will be out for the weekend." Louis looked really excited then said "you are a star Megan!!!" Then we began to walk back over to the rest of the group.

Harry came over to me and said "so......what were you talking about?" I was just saying "well...." when I stoped my selve. I was going to tell him about the party. I am so stupid sometimes. I said "Well Louis just told me a funny joke about a frog and a penguin!" He just looked at me and nodded. I felt so stupid!!! "So, lets start the game of footie shall we?" Harry said with his hands in his pockets. And we all began to walk over to the camera man. He said "Are you all ready?" we all nodded. He made them go over to the football place and then he said "so I thought we might of need some more people. So here we are COME ON PEOPLE!!!" and loads of people came out of a huge tent. It was a spectacular site to see actually.

When the Director shouted "Start" they all began chasing the ball. Zayn got the ball and dribbled it over to Niall then Niall kicked it to Louis. But Louis didn't get the ball a blonde haired boy who looked about 18 got it and then was just about to pas it to the girl in pink when Harry tackled it off him and kicked it into the goal. "SCORE!!!" I shouted whilst jumping in the air. Harry looked at me and winked. He is soooo amazing. I love him!!!! Zayn did a throw in. And a girl with a long flowy skirt on and straw hat began to dribble the ball over to the goal and scored!!! And after that she managed to scored another two in!!!! OMG!!! But Harry got it back for us. He tackled the ball off her and kicked it over to Liam. Then Liam passed to Niall. Harry ran near the goal and shouted "over here!!!" And Niall passed it back over to Harry. And Harry scored again!!! Yippy. It was a long game but after about an hour we won and the boys all picked up Niall and started to cheer. Harry kicked the ball over to paul (the camera man) and began to walk over to me. He said when he got to me "Did you see me? We thrashed them. Do I deserve a kiss?" I said "alright then." And I pecked him on the lips. He smiled at me then said "your my lucky charm." Then he began to walk over to the boys. I ran after him and jumped on his back. He began to laugh and then he gave me a piggy back. LOL!!! When we got over to the boys they were all crowding round the laptop and were watching there game. They were all cheering and joking around. I sat down on Harry's knee and began to watch it with them. But I didn't see my Dad coming over to me. My Dad said "Hey, Megan and you guys its time to go. We have done filming. Well done you lot. And Megan get off Harry's knee. You would think you two were going out or something." I stood up quickly and said "Sorry. Erm......because us two ain't going out." I awkwardly laughed. Then my Dad said "Well I will meet you int he car in five minutes because we need to go." And then he began to walk down the hill to the car. I said to Harry "Can you come to mine on Saturday?" He said "Yes, I would love to. Well see you on Saturday." And he gave me a massive hug. And I began to walk to the car.

When I got in the car my Dad said "You seem good friends with the fantastic five boys then." and I just said "Yes" and for the rest of the three hour car journey there was an awkward silence. When I got home I went strait to bed and fell fast asleep.

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