The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


3. In a field in Kent

When I woke up there was mascara all over my pillow. I had forgotten to take my makeup off. Oh bum!!! I went down stairs and ate my breakfast. When I was putting my makeup on I herd my Dad going down stairs. I shouted "Dad I am coming with you to help film the music video." I didn't really want to help, I wanted to see Harry. He said in return "OK, But we need to go in twenty minutes or we will be late. We need to get to a field Kent it will take about 3 hours" THREE HOURS!!!!! I will be bored to death!!!!! But I need to go to see Harry.

When we got there Harry,Niall,Zayn,Louis and Liam were already there. There were loads of props Like giant tents,Balloons,Hay bales,guitars , a inflatable swimming pool and zorbs. When I got out of the car Harry came over to me and said "I didn't expect you to be here. Its a lovely surprise. Why are you here?" I said in return "I wanted to see you guys." He looked really happy. Then my Dad came and said "So lets start filming. Zayn and Liam you go over to the hay bales to start filming. Harry,Louis and Niall you do the scene waking up in the tent. And chop, chop!!! Megan go over to help the camera man over there set up." So I set of to work.

When those scenes were filmed we all went over to the swimming pool. It was bright blue!!! It was getting filled up when we arrived there, so we all went over to sit down. Harry came over to were I was sitting and said "Come and have a walk with me." And he held out his hand. I held his hand and we began to walk. We went and sat on the hay bales away from everyone ells. Harry sat next to me and said "Megan, I really like you. And I couldn't stop thinking about you yesterday. Can I ask you something?" I said in return "Yes, sure. Anything." He looked into my eyes and said "Well, have you got a boyfriend?" I said "No" Then he said "I was wondering if..........well....... will you go out with me?" I was so happy. My heart was beating so fast. I just said "Yes. I would love to go out with you Harry." Then he held both of my hands and kissed me. But just then Niall, Louis and Zayn came running over to us. They stopped in aw. Niall just said "Ewww!!!!! Stop it!!!!! Harry why didn't you tell us you liked Megan?" You should have seen Zayn's face he looked gobsmacked. Louis just went "Megan Styles. That sounds cool!!!" Niall said again "What the hell?" I said "please don't tell my Dad. Please." Niall said "Well your one of us now. I wont tell him." Zayn suggested that we need to go back to the swimming pool. Niall,Louis and Zayn all set off. Harry stood up slowly and reassuringly said "Those three can keep secrets " Then I stood up. Harry put his arm around me and we began to walk together. When we got there Hanna shouted "Where have you to been we have been looking for you for ages." Harry answered saying "Well, Megan needed a drink. So we had to go to the coffee tent." Hanna looked starstruck she looked into Harry's eyes and smiled. Harry just looked at me and said "come on Megan" and we walked on. My Dad began to walk up to me and Harry. I quickly whispered intro Harry's ear "Act natural. I don't want my Dad to know we are going out." He nodded and smiled at me. My Dad came over to me and said "Were where you?" Then began to talk to Harry "Harry, you need to go to hair and makeup. Then get out here as quick as possible." My Dad can be very bossy when he wants to! I went over to Louis and said "Erm.........Louis thanks for not telling my Dad. He gets very possessive over me." Louis just said "your welcome. You better not break Harry's heart. He is one of my dearest friends." Then Zayn and Liam came up behind me and pushed me in the swimming pool. I went in with a splash. I screamed with shock. Harry came rushing out of hair and makeup and said "what's happened" and Louis was in creases on the floor laughing his head off with the rest of the boys. Thanks allot Zayn and liam!!! NOT!!! Harry came over and helped me out. I was freezing. He gave me his jacket and said "you go and get warmed up." and kissed me on the forehead. I am glad my Dad didn't see me then. He would be shouting his head off!!! I went and sat down on the garden chairs not to far away from the swimming pool just so I could see it. And sat back in the sun to dry off. Just then my Dad came over to the boys and said "OK, so you guys get in the swimming pool." They all got in with there clothes on and began to jump around in front of the camera singing "Lett's go crazy, crazy, crazy. till we see the sun..." Then my Dad shouted over the top of there singing "This isn't working. Harry lean more into the camera. And Zayn have more fun with it." So they stared again. They asked Harry to do a back flip into the pool. He looked so athletic. After that Niall took his top off and began to joke around with Zayn. Then Harry did the same. He looked so fit!!! 

When they got out of the swimming pool my Dad said "You boys get dried off. So they all went to get towels from hair and makeup. Harry and the boys came over to me with there soaking trousers on and towels rapped around there hair. They looked like belie dancers. Harry came over to me and gave me a big hug. I was soaking. Thanks allot Harry. We all went to get a cup of tea and went back to the hair and makeup. Harry came over to Karen (The hair and makeup person.) and said "Hi, is it break time?" she said in return "yep, you have an hour. But don't go out of the field."

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