The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


16. Hate mail

I woke to the sound of my phone ringing. I started fumbling around with my eyes still closed to try and find it on my bedside table. But failed miserably and my phone ended up on the floor. I opened my eyes and shot out of bed and grabbed it off the floor. There was a deep dreamy voice on the other side of the phone. He said "Hi Megan" I failed to recognize the voice. I butted in saying "Who is this? And how do you know my name?" I heard a laughing on the other side of the phone then the voice said "It's Harold Edward Styles your amazing boyfriend." I felt so embarrassed to not recognize Harry's voice I mumbled "Oh, Sorry Harry. Why are you calling me at 6 in the morning? I am so tired!" 

He answered saying "I was just wondering. Do you want to come to the 'Live while we're young' shoot in my car instead of going in your Dad's car because I would like to chat with you." 

"Yes sure Harry." 

"Ok then, I will see you at 7" and he hung up. I decided to get up and go down stairs and get a cup of tea so I put my white fluffy cat slippers on and also put my purple dressing gown on and trundled off downstairs.

I got into the kitchen and  filled the kettle up with water from the tap and put it on the hob. Whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil I got my favorite mug out of the cupboard. The mug had a transfer on it of me, Hazel, Grace and Jade at a theme park. Jade and Hazel were smiling peacefully whilst I was on Hazel's back grinning with my eyes crossed with Grace putting bunny ears up behind Jade's head. It always makes me smile whenever I see it. I got a tea bag out of the tin and put one sugar in my mug. The kettle began to whistle so I poured the boiling water into my theme park mug then got the milk out from the fridge and put a blob of milk in my tea. I picked up my tea and walked over to the table still half asleep and pulled a chair up to the table and grabbed the daily mail that was laying on the table and began to flick through the pages failing to put the milk away. I found the gossip page and began to read sipping away at my nice warm drink and now and again dunking rich tea biscuits in my tea to make them go soggy but stopped after the third because I was to busy reading the article I ended up with half of my biscuit sinking to the bottom of my mug never to return again.

I walked though to the living room and flopped onto the sofa switching through the channels to find something good to watch but there wasn't anything good on so I decided to go on my laptop to check my tweets. I can't believe what I was reading on my twitter:

@HarrysGirl (1 Hour ago)- U took my Harry away from me! U cow!!!!!!

@Larry_Stylington (40 mins ago)- Go and die in a hole!!!!!

Karen@Styles (39 mins ago)- Go and die in a hole! U don't deserve him! He is mine! HATE U!!!!!!!!

@Styles-is-my-Direction (20 mins ago)-  he is mine NOT YOURS!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!!!

@ne_Direction (15 mins ago)- Congratz girlfriend of Harry's! Don't listen to those lot they r just well jell! :-)

Harold@Edward_Styles (5 mins ago)- HEY U R NOT A DIRECTIONER @ne_Direction U should b upset like us!

@ne_Direction (4 mins ago)- I am sad about it but I can't do anything about it. Harry will be ashamed of u if he found out about what U have all been sayin about her! Sorry @Harry_Styles and @Megan17

JK_Styles (1 min ago)- Here are some of the reasons why Harry is to good for u:

1. He is fit and your not! 

2. He has a fit body and you don't!

3. He is kind, Considerate and caring. Your not!

4. Every 1 loves him not like you!

5. He is AMAZING and your not!

6. He can sing and you can't!

7. He has an amazing voice and you haven't!

8. Harry has loads of friends and you haven't!

9. He loves cats and knowing you you'll hate them!

10. He is 5ft.12inch of fitness and u are what ever height you are of fail!


I couldn't believe my eyes! I read pages and pages full of Hate Mail also death threats were sent to me from nine year old's! That's appalling that nine year old's were sending me death threats and swearing at me! I felt tears rolling down my cheeks one after the other. I was gobsmacked! I closed my laptop and ran upstairs and launched myself at my bed crying my eyes out! I was sobbing out into my pillow "Why? What have I done wrong? I didn't do anything wrong! Why me? Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?" 

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