The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


11. Cinema

When Liam came in he said "you two are obsessed with bloody kissing." Then Laim walked out of the room and down stairs. Harry said to me "oh well" then got up and waited for me to slowly get up. We linked arms and began to walk down stairs. When we got into the kitchen Liam suggested we should all go to the cimima because I was feeling better. But Niall butted in saying "erm.........can.....Hazel come?" Awwww so cute. I said in return to Naill "I will ask her on the phone for you." And I ran up stairs with my phone. I jumped strait on my bed and began to scroll down the contacts on my phone. There we are Hazel's number.

She picked up the phone saying "Hello this is Hazel speaking. What do you want?" I said in return "Hi Hazel its me."

"Who is me?"

"Megan, your bezie"

"Oh,hi Megan"

"I was just phoning to ask if you want to go to the cinema today?"

"Who is coming?"

"Me,Harry,Zayn,Liam,Louis and Niall-"


"yes Niall is coming. He asked me to ask you to come"

She was squealing down the phone "Oh My God."

I said whilst holding the phone away from my ear "there is no need to shout"

She began to calm down and then said "I love you so much Megan. Thank you."

"So. Is that a yes or a no?"

"Yes" She shouted.

Then she put down the phone.

I walked down stairs holding my phone to put it on charge. Niall was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He said "So what was it. Yes or no?" I said strait after "I am sorry to say she said-" I was saying this extra slow to make it seem she said no. Then I said "YES" He jumped up in the air saying "yippy." then stopped immediately so he didn't seem that excited. He cleared his throat then said "ok then. Thanks then walked in to the kitchen to the rest of the group. I had a beaming smile on his face. Harry saw me at the door peeping in. He came over to me then said "Are you feeling better? If you don't want to go you can stay here and I will stay to." I replied "No, I fell much better actually." Then he said "well ok. You get dressed out of your sicky clothes. I looked down at my top. It had little speckles of sick on it. Oh no. I tried to cover it up. But he just began to laugh then said "It's fine. Remember I did see you puking up last night anyway." And I went of up stairs into my room. I striped off and went into my en-suite bathroom. And got into my large run bath. I had put it on whilst I was talking to Hazel. I put my lavender smelling bubble bath in and slipped in. I had a long soak and washed my hair with my vanilla smelling shampoo and conditioner. Then put my turquoise skinny jeans on with my black vest top and my hollister hoodie. And got my high tops on. And strutted down the stairs. To find Harry and Louis talking in the living room. Harry Louis was sitting on the arm. Whilst Harry was sitting on the middle cushion of the sofa. They looked at me then said "Are you nearly ready?" I said in return "yep. After I have dried my hair then I will be ready." I got the hair drier from the back of the settee then plugged it in at the side of the TV and switched it on. I threw my head upside down then began to dry my hair. I combed my hair threw with my other hand with the hair dryer in the other. Hazel taught me this technique. It makes your hair have more volume. After it was dry I flipped my head back up to find all the boy on the sofa with Louis sitting on Harry's knee playing a game on his phone. They were all oohing and awing. I went over to the mirror then began to brush my hair. I felt fresh and clean. Harry looked up and said "you look pretty." Then tried to get up but it ended up in Louis, Niall and Harry in a massive heap on the floor. They all got up laughing. Then we all went into the kitchen and got a snack and Liam got his keys for his Land rover and we all went out of the front door. I stopped and locked the door then followed the boys into the massive land rover. Liam was in the driving seat. Louis was in the passenger seat. And the cool thing was the arm of the passenger seat and the drivers seat folded up to make an extra seat so Zayn sat there. And Me,Harry and Niall were in the back. Liam drove us to Hazels house and I had to climb over Niall to the door. Because my door was stuck. It was very a awkward.

I knocked on Hazel's door and she was there in about a millisecond later. She swung the door open and said "HI WHAT FILM ARE WE WATCHING? I CANT WAIT. CAN I SIT NEXT TO NIALL?" I interrupted saying "Hellraiser and yes you can sit next to Niall." She had a beaming smile. And we began to walk to the car. I opened the door and I climbed over to the middle next to Harry. Then we all had to move up to get Hazel in. An eight seated land rover. Pretty cool. When we were on our way to the cinema I was talking to Harry about the the film. And when  looked over to Naill and Hazel they were snogging. I just turned back round and began to talk to Harry. They were kissing until we got there. I had to nudge Niall. We all got out of Niall's side and we all began to walk over to the cinema doors. I was holding Harry's hand whilst walking and Niall held out his hand for Hazel. It was so cute. Haze held his hand and we were all walking together in a line. When we got in Harry and I went over to the popcorn stand and he bought us all popcorn. Whilst The wrest of the gang were getting the tickets. They all met us at the popcorn stand. And Louis bought his popcorn the same with the wrest of them. And we all set off to room C10. I didn't want to watch a horror film but Zayn and Liam really wanted to see it so we did. 

We all found the room and all sat on the left hand side of the cinema. The seats went up in two's. I sat with Harry. Niall sat with Hazel in front of us. Then Liam sat with Zayn behind us. And Louis sat on his own in front of Niall and Hazel. I sat nearest the wall. Harry and I turned around and started to speak to Liam and Zayn. They seamed so excited for this film. Zayn said "I can't wait until it starts. The adverts take the mick!!!" Harry nodded. Just then the film started. When the film began. I could feel Harry's arm sneaking around my shoulders. It was very cute. About half way through the film this bit properly freaked me out. This guy was hung from a rope around his neck in his own room. I was terrified. I cuddled into Harry trying not to look at the horror on the screen. Harry whispered "Its ok. Its not real." Just then Zayn scared me by making me jump. I jumped up and chucked the popcorn all on Harry. Zayn began to laugh then he said "Megan look what you have done." Everyone in the cinema were looking at me. I sat down really slowly. And helped to get the popcorn out of Harry's hair. Just then I herd a girl say "Oh my god, Its One direction." And loads of girls stood up then began to run over to us. Harry said to all the girls "Hi everyone. If you don't tell everyone were we are. We will give you our autographs. They all began to form a line around the boys. I had some awful scowls in my direction though. One girl tried to kiss Harry but he managed to swerve out of the way. All the girls went back to there places after that. And we managed to watch the film in peace. 

When we went out of the double doors to go out of the main door. We her some people chanting something or other. But when we got outside there were loads of screaming girls. And they came rushing over to the boys. I just saw Louis face go down and say "Oh shit, how did they find us. I told those people not to tell anyone we were here." The girls were all crowding around us. Harry said "get to the car!!!" And we all huddled to try and get to the car. I saw one girl reach for Harry's bum!!!! I could have slapped her!!!! When we all got to the car. We all squeezed in the car. But we couldn't set off all away around the car were girls. They were screaming "One Direction, One Direction." Over and over again. Harry said to me "it will be fine. I will phone the police to help us out." So he got his phone out and called 999. Whilst Harry was on the phone I herd a girl shout "Louis I want to marry you." and stuff like that. It was mental. And some media people were taking pictures of us. I felt so claustrophobic. After about 10mins we herd sirens and the police escorted us out of the car park. Liam opened his window and said to the policeman "thanks so much!!!! If it wasn't for you we would be stuck in the car park for at least an hour. We had to do that before in America." Then  he put his foot down and we set off. Niall said "That was a close one." And we all began to laugh. I said to Harry "your hair is all over the place." And I helped to sort his hair out. I combed my fingers through his hair to style it back the way it should be then gave him a huge hug. He smiled at me then said "we better take you home it's nearly 9pm." Then about 15mins later I was at my house. Harry got out and walked to the front door with me then said "Well I will see you on Tuesday." I looked puzzled at this remark. Then he said "remember we are going to do the wrest of the music video." I nodded my head whilst saying "Oh, I remember." He smiled at me then he got hold of both of my hands and then kissed me. I looked over at the car to see Hazel making a love heart shape with her hands. I began to smirk when I saw her, and Harry had to stop. He said "what?" I pointed over to the car. Hazel was still making the shape with her hands. He smiled then faced me again. And kissed me. It lasted for quite some time. When he stopped he said "well.....see you on Tuesday." and set off to the car. I watched him. But just then he turned back around and said "I love you Megan" and got into the car.

I searched through my hand bag to get my key. And put them in the lock and opened the door. It was so warm inside. I felt so tired though. So I went up stairs and took my makeup off and undid my messy bun. And then slipped into my pajamas. HOME SWEET HOME!! I got into bed and fell fast asleep.    

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