The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


18. Are you ready to go?

I went back into the bathroom, ran the sink full of hot water to wash my face with and then cleaned my teeth. After that I went into my bedroom and opened my wardrobe. I began to rake through my wardrobe to find a nice, cute outfit. It took me a few minutes to find a nice one! I had decided to wear a small denim skirt with my black tights underneath and on the top half I had a white vest top on. I looked at myself in my mirror, "wow! U look smokin hot!" I taught to myself as I was sorting out my bra strap, but I stopped and glared into the mirror. "Oh, Shit" I murmured underneath my breath, there was a hole in the back of my top. I took my top off chucking in on the floor then began to look through my wardrobe lobbing clothes on the floor trying to find a top that would match my bottom half. All of a sudden I heard a person at the door, I spun round with my eyes wide open. It was Harry! I screamed "get out!!!" and covered my bra up with a scarf I found on the floor. He just stood there laughing "I was just about to ask you are you ready to go? But I will take that as a no." I shouted 

"No!!! I am not ready yet, Get out!!!" he walked out and shut the door still laughing. I pulled out a similar coloured top and quickly put it on. I shouted "you can come in now." and Harry pocked his head around the door with a cheeky smile spread across his face. He said "sorry about that. I will knock before I come in next time." I stood there with my hands on my hips. Harry came over to me still smiling and said "Hey, nice bra by the way"

I ran over to him saying "You cheeky rascal! wait until get hold of you!" His eyebrows raised and he said in a cheeky voice "And then what will you do?" Harry began to laugh and run out of the room. I shouted "I just need to put my makeup on and we can set off." 

I went over to my makeup bag and picked up my powder, Eye pencil, Lip gloss and eye shadow then walked over to my mirror and placed the makeup down on the top of my piano. I began applying my makeup when Harry walked in and sat on my bed leaning back on his arms. He said "so! Are you ready yet?" He knew the answer to that so I ignored him putting my lip gloss on. He slowly got up and walked over to me, picking up my hair brush on the way there. He began brushing my hair and putting on a camp voice "so doll face, I am going to put your hair up in a nice bun at the back. Then put some blonde streaks in it. Then a little pink bow in the top." I began to laugh. After he brushed all the tugs out of my hair he began to put it in a neat bun but failed miserably and took it out again. He looked down at his watch and announced "Look at the time! We need to set off now! I will get my keys" and I followed him out of the room and downstairs.

I sat on the bottom step and put my grey converse pumps on then stood up and skipped into the kitchen to find Harry. When I came skipping in he turned and faced me "come on baby cakes lets go." he grinned. I followed him out of the front door locking it on the way out. I asked Harry "Which car is yours?"

He pointed to a big, black range rover "That one is my car." He boasted. Harry walked around to the passenger door and opened it for me and said "after you beautiful." And I stepped in. He went around to the drivers side and got in and announced "So off we go" whilst staring the car up. I lent back on the seat "I love this car! It is so roomy and.........erm........roomy." I commented. He smiled at me then began to pull out from the pavement and we set off down the road. Harry reached over and put the radio on. Capital came on playing 'Thrift Shop' Harry quickly turned it up and started to tap his hands on the steering wheel to a little tune. The music was booming through the speakers! I saw people on the pavements looking up at us because the music was that loud. I even saw this one girl when she looked up she screamed "AHHHHHHH!!!! IT'S HARRY STYLES!!!!! OHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!! HARRY!!!" She began to run after the car yelling "Harry!" but we couldn't stop because there were loads of cars behind us and we couldn't just stop for that one girl. Harry pressed a button and my window came down, Harry shouted out at the girl "I am sorry I can't stop. Nice meeting you." And he put his foot down and we went zooming away.

After a two hour convocation about Cat's, Trousers, Frogs, Shoes, Jokes and Penguins I asked Harry "Can we stop at this service station coming up on the left because I really need the toilet." He looked over at me "yes, sure" he smiled. He put the left indicator on and he drove up a little side road to get to the car park for the service station. I reached over and unclipped myself then I went for the door but Harry's arm grabbed me and he pulled me back into the car. He cheekily said "Wait hear for a minute with me." and bit his lip. I had to ignore the puppy eyes and I abruptly said "I am sorry Harry I need the toilet desperately. I am going to be back in a few seconds." Harry did his puppy eyes again with a sad face. I leant over to him and pecked him on the lips. I  got out of the car slowly trying not to rip my tights on the way out then began to walk over to the door. 

When I opened the door a warmth barrier hit me and I felt so relaxed. I glanced over at the food stall. I could smell chips! My tummy began to gurgle, I managed to pull away from the chips and carried on along the corridor. I heard a familiar voice when I walked by the teddy grabber. All of a sudden I heard a "Hey, Megan!" I turned around to find Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis grinning at me. I walked over to them and smiled " Hi you four. I really need the toilet. Bye" And I pelted it for the toilet. I just managed to get there in time!

After I had washed my hands I went out of the lady's toilets and I waited for the boys at the teddy picker. I few minutes later Niall and Louis came out of the toilets. Louis ran over to me shouting "MEGAN!!" Then gave me a huge hug. I smiled at him and said "Hi, Louis. What are you doing here? I thought you were with Harry." Niall came and stood next to me and asked the same question. I answered them both by saying "Harry is in the car. I just really needed the toilet. Well he will be wondering where I am so I will see you there you two" and I walked away. When I got to the door I saw Harry in the car looking into my eyes. He waved and I walked over to the car. When I opened the door and got in he asked "what took you so long?" I smiled then explained "Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall are in the service station and I had a little chat with them but they all went to the toilet so I couldn't talk to Liam or Zayn." Harry smiled at me then looked out of the window. There running towards the car was Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn shouting "Hazza! We missed you!"

Louis was the first person to get to the car. Louis swung Harry's door open and shouted "CARROTS!!!!!" Making Harry jump. Louis came and squeezed on Harry's knee and shut the door again. I heard Harry's voice "Louis I can't see! Get off me!" Louis budged over to the middle and put his bum down. He jumped up instantly yelling "Ouch!" He had sat on the gear stick! Harry and I began to chuckle whilst Louis climbed over to the back seats in the car. Harry turned around to Louis with his eyebrows raised "I was just about to kiss Megan when you came and sat on my knee!" Louis went really close up to Harry and kissed him on the cheek then said "Well, I have kissed you instead! Ha!" Then he got out of the car quickly. Just then Liam, Niall and Zayn opened my Door and shouted over to Harry "Heya!!!! We are going to set off so we will meet you there Harry." Zayn smiled at me and said "Bye Megan" and they all went to Liam's car and quickly got in and set off down the road.

"So do you still want that kiss?" I asked Harry cheekily.

"yup!" He grinned 

We both lent in closer closing our eyes as we went in for the kiss. Our lips touched so peacefully and sweetly I felt like no one in the world could hurt me because I was with my cheeky boyfriend Harry Styles!

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