The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


23. Anne's House

When we arrived outside the house it was pouring down with rain "Harry" I paused

"What Megan?"

"I didn't bring a coat!" and he began to laugh until he realized he didn't bring one ether.

"I have a plan."


"RUN!" and we both got out of the car and bolted it for the house. When I was just about to knock on the door Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I turned around  puzzled looking into his eyes "what is it Harry?"

"I need to do something" he smiled whilst moving my hair out of the way of my face.

"Like what?"

"I need to do something on my bucket list."

"Well go on then."

He got hold of my hands whilst kissing my passionately on the lips. After a while he let go of my hands and put his hands on my back holding on tightly to my soaking wet t-shirt. I had totally forgot about the rain by then. Harry pulled my closer to him so our chests were touching and I could feel his heart beating against my chest. I put my hands around his neck still kissing. The rain was getting heavier and when I moved my hands a bit higher up Harry's neck I could feel his hair was soaking. I gave him one more kiss then I stopped slowly looking into his enchanting green eyes "That was on your bucket list?" Whilst I rested my forehead against his.

"Not anymore" He smiled sweetly.

Just then a massive Lorrie came past and splashed us. I jumped up and breathed in fast because of the shock of the freezing cold mucky water. Harry began to laugh and we both ran towards the nice warm house dripping wet. We began knocking on the door and soon later a woman with dark brown hair opened the door with a puzzled expression on her face. Her eyes widened "HARRY!" The woman said and welcomed us in. When we got inside the woman gave Harry a huge hug


"Awww, look at ya! Your soaked!" She pulled away from the hug quickly

"Yup! It's chucking it down"

I felt quite awkward just standing there dripping from head to toe while they were chatting together.

Harry came over to me "Mum this is Megan. Megan this is Anne"

She came over to me smiling and shuck my hand saying warmly "Hello dear. I have heard a lot about you Megan."

Harry blushed looking at her signalling for her to shut up but she didn't.

"When I am talking to Harry on Skype he is all ways talking about you and how pretty you are."

I smiled trying not to pay much attention to Harry who was going bright red.

"aww, my little boy is getting embarrassed!" she said walking over to Harry

"Oh, stop it mum!"


Just then someone shouted at the top of the stairs "YAY! Harry your here!" She ran down stairs towards Harry and hugged him.

"I'v missed you sis."

"Yup, I have missed you too in a strange way." She admitted and they both began to laugh.

Harry introduced me to Gemma and then Anne announced "so, you two go and get changed out of those wet clothes. Gemma could you get Megan some clothes please darling."


So Harry, Gemma and I set off upstairs. Harry turned off into his room to get changed. When we got to Gemma's room "I'll try and find you something cute." she smiled whilst opening her wardrobe trying to find a pretty outfit. After a few minutes she suggested "Try these on. I think you will look nice on you" she passed me some grey jogging bottoms with a muddy brown colour vest top. She went out of the room to leave me to get changed and after I got changed I came out and knocked on Harry's door.


"Come in" he shouted and I popped my head around the door smiling then came into his room fully.

"You look nice in them."

"well, thanks. Not bad yourself."

His eyebrows raised "Is that all?"

"What were you expecting?"

"What about a WOW Harry you are looking pretty sexy in those clothes" and we both laughed.

"Your so cheeky!"

He shrugged his shoulders "yeah, but that's why you like me so much." he chuckled.

Gemma came in saying "Are you coming down you two?"


We smiled at one another then set off down stairs to Anne who was at the kitchen table.

"I am glad they fit you" Gemma said whilst looking me up and down. "Yes they look nice on you"

Harry coughed and looked down at his outfit (Grey jogging bottoms and a purple jack wills hoodie)

"Oh and very stylish master styles" Anne commented whilst Gemma had a big smile spread across her face. He is sooooo cheeky!

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