The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


22. A long time!

When I fastened my seat belt Harry put his foot down and pulled out of the car park whist saying "ok, then! Off to Cheshire! It will take about four hours"

I raised my eyebrows "four hours!"

"Yup! a long time"

"Well good I have you to chat to! I would have died of boredom if I had to sit that long in the car with my Dad!" 

Harry smirked "Is he that bad?"

"'s Dad"

"I can't wait to see my Mum. I haven't seen her in ages!"

"Is Gemma still coming?"

"yes, she is also going to stay the night as well. I don't know what the sleeping arrangement will be like though. Hopefully my Mum has enough beds for us all to sleep in."

Harry looked at me and when our eyes met I quickly looked down to the floor 

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