The only Direction

This movella is a fan fiction/Diary. This story is about Megan and how she falls in love with Harry Styles.Her Dad is a top music video directer and his clients are one direction!!!


1. Guess who is in my living room!!!!!

 I woke up to my Dad calling me,"Darling come down stairs! I think you would like to meet my new clients." Why does my Dad always have to ruin my sleep time with work related crap!!! I tried to go back to sleep but then my Dad said again "Come down, I think you would really want to meet them." So it's them now is it? I forced myself to get up. Then went over to my mirror no overnight spots so I will be fine. So I popped my slippers on and toddled of down stairs. When I went through to the living room there was ♥NE DIRECTI♥N on my sofa!!!! Oh shit my hair looks like it has been dragged backwards through a hedge!!!! I was just about to run back upstairs to brush my hair when my Dad got hold of my arm and said "Don't be shy darling. This is one direction. Everyone this is my daughter Megan." I know who one direction are!!! I am the one with two of their albums. Louis got up and shook my hand and said "Hi, I love your pajamas" and tried to stop himself laughing but then he ended up in a laughing fit. Harry elbowed him in the rib to stop him laughing. After Louis' laughing fit Liam,Zayn and Niall said "Hi." And Harry got up and said "Sorry for Louis. He is just the nut case of the group." Then Louis jumped on Harry and began to play fight. What age is he again? I swear to god! I think Harry acts the oldest in the band even though he is the youngest. I managed to slip out of the room when my Dad was going on about golf with them.

I ran up stairs and put some jeans and a tank top on. I got my converse pumps on and brushed my hair. When I was putting my makeup on Harry came in and made me jump. I chucked my powder all over my black floor. OH BUM. He said "Oh my god I am so sorry. I thought this was the bathroom. Were is the bathroom?" So I showed him to the bathroom and went back to tidy the mess up. When I was tidying the powder up Harry came back in and said "Do you need help Megan?" I said in return "Well yes I do need help can you get me the makeup wipes. There are next to my CD's" So he went and got them. He said "Are you a fan of one direction?" I said "Not that much" Harry said in return "So that's why you have two of our albums." I said "OK you've busted me. I do love your music." He then walked over to my piano. He picked up some paper and began to read out loud "Because when you smile, I listen to your heart break. I just wana hold you tight..." He paused for a wile and said "Did you write all of these songs?" He pointed to my piano all of my work was spread all over the place. I ran over and tried to tidy them away. But when I did, I fell back and my ankle was in agony. I yelled out in pain. When I did so Harry ran to my side and started to comfort me. I herd a thud thud thud of feet coming up stairs it was the rest of the 1D boys. Zayn came in saying "whats the matter? And your Dad has put Liam in charge. He had to go to work there was an emergence.  I butted in saying "My ankle.!!!" I was so painful. I was holding back my tears. Niall said "Can you move your ankle?" I tried to move it. I couldn't. They were all crowding around me at that point. They were all asking me loads of questions like "Are you ok? Can you move your ankle?" And stuff like that. Harry butted in saying "We need to get you something cold on your ankle. I need to get you down stairs." He bent down and I put my hands around his neck and he scooped me up and he began to walk out of my room with Louis,Niall,Zayn and Liam following close behind. I felt like I was going to cry when we went in the kitchen because my ankle hit the door and it was bloody saw! He put me down on a table chair. Then went over to the freezer and got a packet of peas out. He placed the cold peas on my ankle and said to me "Hold the peas there whilst I phone your Dad." He got his jet black phone out of his pocket. And scrolled down the contacts on his phone until he got to my Dads number. He walked out of the room and began to talk to my Dad. I couldn't hear what he was saying. I could just hear a fain mumble. Harry came back in the room still on the phone saying "Yes, I will pass her on" And he handed me the phone. I began to talk to my Dad

"Hello darling. Are you ok?"

"My ankle realy hurts."

"Well I have to go. Harry said he will stay with you just incas it gets worse until I get back home."

"Dad, remember I am 17. I can look after my self. And the pain is easing with the peas on my ankle."

"Who thought of that?"


"See. If it wasn't for him you would be still in pain."

I thought to my self. In a way it was Harry's fault that I slipped over. But I can't blame anyone more than my self.

"Well bye, Dad."

"Bye darling"

And He hung up.

I gave Harry his phone back. His green eyes are so beautiful. When he got his phone he stared at me smiling for a while. Then said "Is your ankle feeling a bit better?" "Yes, thanks by the way." I said in return.

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