If you where the last boy on this planet...

This is my first proper movellas, and admit, it's not great. But please read and give you opinion anyway! It's about the last two people on earth...


1. The beginning of the end.

What was that saying? Oh yes, "If you where the last boy on this planet..." that makes me laugh. Even though my laughter is a rare now. Its been three months since it happened. Daniel still hasn't said much. Most of the time he's just been sitting there by his Dad's body, sometimes - though he'd try to hide it - he'd be crying. Once he started shouting me, telling me I had no idea what it's like for him, and he had nobody to help him through this. In a strange way, it stung. It was more painful than it should have been. But he apologised after I told him everything.Sometimes he would let me sit next to him. I would never suggest to bury his Dad, but one day, we did.

The night before he showed me his meadow. He told me how he found it when he was five, and that he sneaked out the house when he was angry, ran to the forest and carried on running till he found it. He said he wanted to bury his Dad there. Beneath the flood of buttercups and daisies, next to where the lavender blooms. We stole a stretcher form the empty, abandoned hospital, to carry his Dad to the meadow. 

Daniel got a spade form the shed at the back of his garden. He dug for hours, I offered to help but he wouldn't let me. He just dug, and dug, and dug, while I sat in the grass and watched. Once he finished digging the funeral began. I couldn't say anything, I never knew his father. I hate funerals, it reminds me of too much, but I was staying for Daniel. Anyway he did all the talking, mostly murmurs as a single tear slid down his cheek.

After the funeral he buried him, taking longer that he did to dig the hole. We picked the flowers from the woods and placed them over his father's freshly dug grave. For a while we just stood there, neither of us had anything to say. So I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly, and he pulled his own arms around me.

Its strange when I think about it, but we've known each other for 3 months even though it feels like years. I only met him after it all happened, and what happened, well, neither of us really know. 

I just woke to the sound of tweeting birds outside, and strangely, not cars. No sounds of horns, or airoplanes that usualy fly past out house. Nothing. Just the birds. I instantly became suspicious, I ran to my mum's bedroom, but of course, no one was there. Mum hasn't been in the house for weeks. No one had. But me. Then I run down the stairs, out of the door and onto the streets. Theres nobody there. Nobody walking on the pavement. Nobody in the shop across the road. They're gone. Suddenly I hear shouting. There's somebody here. Maybe I got it all wrong...? But why are they yelling? I see a boy running down the street and shout at the top of his voice. As soon as he sees me he starts shouting louder and running faster. I couldn't work out what he was saying till he got closer.

  "Is anybody else here? Anyone? Anywhere?" he panted, his voice as panicked as I felt.

  "I-I-I don't know" I stuttered, "Why? Where is everyone? The only person I've seen today is...is you"

  "They're gone. They're all gone" he said, then his face went to agony, "I found my Dad dead on the floor, so I tried to phone the police but the phone was dead. I ran next door, and nobody was in. I tried every house on my street but nobody was there. It was just abandoned" his eyes met mine, I could tell that his aswell where filled with fear.  

  "But your here"

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