If you where the last boy on this planet...

This is my first proper movellas, and admit, it's not great. But please read and give you opinion anyway! It's about the last two people on earth...


2. Okay then...

* I actually did this ages ago, and couldn't be bothered to post it, but here it is now! Hope you like it! I'll try to add new chapters soon. Also I appoligise for the title, it was the only thing I could think of, anyway, if you like this please read my poems!(Stop To Listen)*


I woke up to a blinding light, and the sounds of birds tweeting. I suddenly realized the grass beneath me, and Daniel lying next to me while I was curled up by his side. I pulled myself up to see the meadow around me. I glanced over to Daniel. He's still asleep, but there's something different  Normally he looks so young when he's asleep, so peaceful. Yet now he has a pained expression on his face, and is restlessly fidgeting.

He made a moan.

He carried on doing it until they started sounding like words. I watched him, bewildered, trying to work out what he was saying.

  "Rose" he murmured unconsciously. I froze. Rose. Me. He was saying my name in his sleep. I stared at him. He looked scared, worried, almost like he would loose everything if he didn't do something. I could tell he was still living in his world of nightmares. I held his shoulder and shook it gently, hopefully that would pull him out of unconsciousness. He stirred. 

  "Daniel" I said, "Daniel, wake up"

He stirred more and then opened his eyes, blinking, and peering till he saw me.

  "Er....Hi" he said, moving out of his slumped position.

  "Sorry, you looked like you where having nightmares"

  "Oh, er, yeah. It's fine." 


  "Oh come one, whats the worst that can happen?" He yelled after me. Okay, so this wasn't exactly the what I had in mind as a "Christmas treat", but I guess it was the best thing we could do. It was Daniel's idea to break into the shopping center, to steal -well is it really stealing when there's no one else around?- a Christmas tree, and presents for each other. Neither of us where certain the exact day of Christmas because everything electrical that recorded the date strangely said "September 13th" every single day, and we haven't been counting exactly how long it is so we decided to take a guess.

  "Well, the whole of civilization could reawaken once all the alarms in the shop goes off and we will get in big trouble?"

  "Yes, like that's going to happen" he grinned at me, of course we both knew I was joking but thought began to strengthen my worry. 

  "What's they're to be scared about? It's only us in here"

  "I guess" I mumbled, "So how are we going to do this?"

  "Walk in"

  "What?" I swear everything had been locked up, I'm not sure how we're supposed to -

  "We'll walk in" He said pushing the door open.

  "How did you do that?"

  He grinned again at me, "I snuck out while you where sleeping, found the keys and used them, just to make it easier. Come on, let's go"




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