The Raven Girl


1. Prolouge

I've always had some sort of connection with birds. This really isn't surprising, I mean, I live next to a bird sanctuary. But even when I was 5 and we moved next to the sanctuary, I knew there was something weird about the way it looked and the way that I would stare at it for hours through my bedroom window. I never knew that this would somehow link to my future. Well, I was 5 after all, but I was a weird 5 year old. I wasn't like all the other girls my age, you know, into princesses and teddy bear picnics. Instead, I would spend all my time looking at picture books of birds. That's why living next to a bird sanctuary was perfect for me.  

Ok, so your thinking that every child had picture books. Only I was obsessed with mine, when I say I spent all my time looking at them, I mean ALL the time, at nursery, at home, in bed. Sort of a unhealthy obsession. But I could stop looking at it. And it was always this one bird. Well, when I was bored I would look at the magpies and robins, but I was enchanted by this one picture. A picture of a raven... 

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