Harry Potter, Myth or Magic?

Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Hogsmead. Were all these made up out of 'imagination' or do they actually exist? Being muggles do we lie oblivious too the magic that lies behind the closed doors? Or are we just characters in madam Rowlings brain? We employed an investigator. His claims too have traveled to galaxies and worlds far beyond the depth of our imaginations, to have killed robots attacking New York and too have encountered loves hardest adventures. His name, The Doctor. He will travel through the realms of magic and time and hope too uncover the darkest caverns of JK's brain.


1. Delusion or Illusion?

Harry Potter, a household name in both wizarding and muggle world, but does the name fit a body. The story has been circulating since 1997 when JK Rowling finally released to the world her knowledge. With over a million readers world wide and millions of viewers of the box office hit, one could wonder, did Mrs Rowling invent these amazing potions and spells, or did she have inspiration? Hogsmeade for example, so graciously crafted from The Hogshead pub too Zonko's joke shop.Can Hogwarts glorious grand hall, elderly wise staff and jolly giant game keeper simply be imagined? Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ronald Weasley. Three children saving the world from one evil genius, The Dark Lord Voldemort. The story of life and death, love and loss, torment and happiness. The story of the Documentary. JK Rowling is said too be a muggle, but I set out too prove this wrong and that muggles are simply too blind too see the documentary.

  I set out too prove that this was not a figment of one woman's brilliant imagination, but an illustration of the life us muggles are too blind too see. Too find this out, I employed the raggedy man, Mr John Smith. With his sonic screw driver and brilliant blue box, he flies through time and space saving our world. He's defeated every creature, from man too myth this Time Lord has fought a universe of creations. Now in 2012 he has been set the task of entering the delicate world the muggles dare not enter. His aims are too discover if Miss Rowlings billion dollar story was just a mockery of blind muggles, a documentary for higher authority informing on the magical dispute that was leaked, or just simply the brilliance of JK Rowlings extraordinary imagination  Hopefully this man can cross time and space too help discover the truth behind the Myth or Magic.

Today, 27th November, the Doctor stepped into his box and went too the site in Scotland of the grand school, but was he too find the muggles view of ancient ruins or the glorious towering school. With one foot he cautious stepped out of the box, and with a face struck with awe he looked in the direction of the school, only too see what words cannot describe.

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