Be mine

Harry Styles is an International pop star,a well known member of the famous boy band One Direction. Will he finally find the 'one'? If he does will she love him back?


2. Soul mates

Sorry, if by chance you were reading and thought this this was a chapter. I want to know if I should continue this. This is my first story and I want to know if people like it. If you do please review! By the way I love constructive criticism! Sincerely, the author(Duh!)

Harry's POV
"Agh", I shouted as my fist hit the wall. I met the girl the girl of my dreams and blew it."BLEW IT". I was so angry I didn't care what I said aloud or if I created a huge gaping hole in the wall by smashing it so many times. "Harry are you okay!"Louis yelled. "We're comin' up!". I heard the door open. "Oh God, did you do Harry?"."I let her walk away! I just let her!",I cried tears streaming down my face."I think Zayn was asking what you did to the wall.",said Louie. Nial shushed him then said,"Harry, tell us what happened". After I told them the whole story there was a moment of silence."Looks like the flirt of the band finally found love",sniffed Louis, then clapped me on the back."Congrats man, but you do know it's not all over yet?",said Liam."It's not?"I mumbled being pessimistic."No way man! You gotta go find her! It was then I realized I still might have a chance. "Go!",the boys encouraged. I ran out of my room eagerly, and knocked over a box of conversation hearts. Since, I was in such a rush I didn't bother to pick them up. But in the corner of my eye i spotted a tiny pink heart with red letters spelling out 'Soul mates'. And I couldn't help but smile.

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