Be mine

Harry Styles is an International pop star,a well known member of the famous boy band One Direction. Will he finally find the 'one'? If he does will she love him back?


1. Gone

Harry's POV
I look at myself. Big, black , thick rimmed glasses. Check. Common straight brown haired wig. Check. Oh, this sucks. What happened to being yourself? I can't go anywhere without screaming teen girls mobbing me. Or making the front page of Teen Vogue. Now I get to play dress up every time I have to take the bus. I sighed and hopped down the bus steps. Buried in my own self pity, I didn't even noticed a girl walking straight for me with a pile of books. "Oh",I exclaimed. Turns out its only me on the ground with a bunch of books. People passing snickered. My face heats up. No one deserves to be treated like this! They'd be begging for my autograph and taking pictures if they knew who I really was. "Are you alright",a girl said. She helped me up."You looked upset". "It's nothing". I looked up and saw the most beautiful face in the world. Shocking blue eyes against pale skin. She also had brown hair with natural highlights. I felt my cheeks redden and my heart beating fast. I was speechless. I quickly looked down and picked up her books. She can't see me in this geek costume! I stood up and returned her books. Then ripped off my wig and glasses. "Sorry I bumped in to you!". Her eyes widened "Yo-Your-Your". I decided to cut her off. "I'm Harry Styles!" ,"I was just walking and I didn't see you and-". "Most people don't",she said softly. Tears were welling up on her eyes. "Sorry, I didn't think-",my rambling was once again cut off . The beautiful blue-eyed girl was already running down the sidewalk."Wait! I don't even know your-" but she was already gone.
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