[Mock-Fiction] I - Requiescat In Pace

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Have i succumbed to the inevitable... or just made a mockery of it?

Cover by Secrets Unfold


1. Prologue - The Author's Note


Dear friends, directioners, non-directioners, and all-out haters: Yes, what you see is a reality. This is a One Direction fanfic.


But before the rebel movellians burn me at the stake for heresy, I’d like to say: This is not your average 1D fanfic. This gives new meaning to the term: Making both ends meet.


Consider this a parody if you will, or consider it a prophecy of the future. It can be anything and everything you want it to be. But those of you who are more radical in your support for the fully-grown group of chucky dolls, feel free to turn around and leave. Like my parents always said: If you ain’t got nothin’ good to say, keep that fat gob of yours shut.


Note: I haven’t got anything against anybody. Not even the band itself, except that I’m not a particular fan of their music. This is all fun and games and in no way brings curses or any such a thing on them. I’m just sick of the same old cycle of fantasy romance portraying itself as a reality. Also; I believe that if your going to look of a man… er… he should look like a man.


Content Rating: Movella may contain extreme violence, and references to adult themes. It also lacks romance. 15+


Fyi, this is what happens when people bother me



~ Enjoy ;)

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