[Mock-Fiction] I - Requiescat In Pace

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Have i succumbed to the inevitable... or just made a mockery of it?

Cover by Secrets Unfold


2. 1 - The Year 2032

1 - The Year 2032


 "Everything that has a beginning has an end" ~ The Matrix [Movie]


Much has changed since the Great Overturn. Emperor Lodovico Smith looked out of the large, polished window; stroking his ample beard with one hand, whilst the other he held behind his back – surreptitiously fiddling with a tassel on his well-ironed, pristine suit. He was a staunch Puritan, the Emperor. He’d used the 2012-Apocalypse scare to his advantage – using his ‘underground’ organisation to cause artificial earthquakes, breaking dams to cause floods, etc. – all over the western world. So when Lodovico claimed prophethood, the people didn’t know what else to do except follow him. He promised to preserve the world after all.


And since then, Puritans had taken hold of the UAF – The United Atlantic Federation – consisting of what used to be Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia. But Lodovico played a very... fair game. Unlike the previous Puritans, led by Oliver Cromwell, Lodovico was... lenient, so to speak. He tolerated Catholics, Dissenters and Mormons – even though he didn’t consider them to be ‘pure Christians’. He even allowed the Muslims and Jews to prosper – as the UAF had ties with PakHindBang, Biladil Arabi and Israelestine – though he considered them heathens, and they were generally looked down upon by the Puritan majority. He was a fan of arts though, but classical only. That meant classical Renaissance paintings, rhyming poems, and good classical music. All else was banned.


The people were happy with him. Well. Not all of them. The Emperor grimaced a little, as he turned around and faced the giant television screen hanging on his wall. Still standing, he took the remote in one hand and pressed a button. The images of five people appeared on the screen:


Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson.


The first: a sex-marketeer, the second: an over-sized opium seller, the third: a heretical poet [with an awful voice], the fourth: a gang-leader, and the last: a false cleric who’d been philandering when he should have been celibate. Lodovico cringed as he gazed at the group. They’d once been part of a band that he had been adamant in removing – One Direction. They now formed an underground rebel force known as the Wrong Direction. They were a major annoyance to the Emperor – though they often squabbled amongst each other – they’d been a thorn in Lodovico’s side for years.


Slowly, the Emperor sat back in a leather seat, again pensive. The problem would be dealt with soon enough. After years of spying, he’d be rid of these five misfits. His hit-squad would get them. And soon.

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