Dating a Member of 1D: My Personal Guide to Survival

Ceili and Niall Horan are finally together, and everything should be rosy, right? I mean, when you're dating a world famous musician, everything should be fine, right? WRONG! Follow Niall and Ceili as they navigate the choppy waters that is love and are faced with the question,; Can two people fall in love with the whole world watching?

*This is a sequel. If you've already read the original, Kiss Me, I'm Irish, that's great! But if you haven't, that's okay too. You might be a little confused at first, but you'll more likely than not catch on :)


5. Rest and Recooperation, Anyone?

I was rushed to the hospital right after that. Niall was told to sit in the front of the ambulance, but nothing would move him. He clung to the edges of the gurney that I was lying on and shook his head stubbornly.
"I'm not going." he told the paramedic.
"She's disorianted, tired, and injured. I'm not leaving her alone back here."
The paramedic sighed and nodded. She'd clearly had this conversation before.
"Okay. Just- stay still and don't move around too much."
Niall nodded and she left, going to sit up in the front. Niall looked down at me, brow wrinkled with concern.
"Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?"
I shook my head, really telling the truth. It had just developed into a throbbing ache at this point.
"I don't believe you." Niall said softly, smoothing my hair off of my fore head.
I smiled and leaned into the palm of his hand. He gently caressed my cheek and kissed me.
"I better call my parents." I said, breaking off the kiss.
Niall pulled out his phone and I dialed my mom's number. Obviously, being eighteen, I didn't need them there, but I just wanted them. Naturally, she freaked out and bundled my dad into the car. They arrived at the hospital about ten minutes after we did, no doubt breaking a million traffic laws along the way.

I was brought to the X-ray rrom and had my wrist scanned. it was broken in two places. When Niall saw it, he swore.
"I hate the press.I'll sue them for this!"
I stifled a laugh at this. His righteous indignation was endearing.
"Don't bother, Niall. it's okay."
"No, it isn't!"

Okay, I won't lie, it did hurt when they set the break. I winced and the doctor patted my shoulder sympathetically.
"It's a clean break, at least. You must have fallen over neatly."
I smiled wanly.
"Trust me, I've had enough practice."
They put my wrist in a light blue cast next and then brought me to a room to spend the night. I had to stay over night at the hospital for observation. My parents slipped out and left me alone with Niall.
"Well, this was a big day." I said with a weak smile.
"I think between seriously injuring yourself, and saying I love you, we've done well for today." Niall replied with a grin, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
I patted the space beside me and he laid down, holding me close.
"Niall, about what you said-"I started, but he put his hand over my mouth.
"You don't have to say it back, Ceili." he said softly.
"I understand if you aren't ready. I even understand if you don't feel the same way. I just wanted to tell you because... I think I've loved you ever since I first saw you.The second I saw you slip on that ice in Dublin, I knew. You were the one for me."
I seriously need to stock up on my romatic phrases. Because Niall beats me every single time. How do you respond to something as sweet as that? Still, I had to try.
"Niall, I-I lov-"
My voice trailed off and I blushed bright red. I'd never done anything like this before. Niall smiled and took my hands.
"I know what you're trying to say."
"I want to say it though!"
I took a deep breath and nodded, saying.
"Niall Horan, I'm in love with you. I'm not in love with your fame. Or your money. Or even your looks, which are gorgeous, by the way. I'm in love with you. Just you."
And his beaming grin made my chronic verbal diherra worth it.

Later that night, Niall came back, holding a sharpie.
"I want to sign your cast." he said, sitting beside me.
I nodded and awkwardly lifted up my right arm. He gingerly took it and wrote on the palm.
"okay, shut your eyes and count to five." he said.
"Just do it."
I raised my eyebrows, but compliantly shut my eyes and couned. When I opened them, Niall was gone. I looked down at my cast and read what he wrote.
"My heart will be as broken as your wrist if you ever leave me."
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