Dating a Member of 1D: My Personal Guide to Survival

Ceili and Niall Horan are finally together, and everything should be rosy, right? I mean, when you're dating a world famous musician, everything should be fine, right? WRONG! Follow Niall and Ceili as they navigate the choppy waters that is love and are faced with the question,; Can two people fall in love with the whole world watching?

*This is a sequel. If you've already read the original, Kiss Me, I'm Irish, that's great! But if you haven't, that's okay too. You might be a little confused at first, but you'll more likely than not catch on :)


4. My Clumsy Tendancies Wreck a Date

You guys know how clumsy I am, right? If you don't, let's have a recap. I slipped on ice in Dublin, nearly killed myself ice skating, and basically trip over my own two feet all the time. But most of the time Niall is there to help me up. And he always does it with a smile. However, sometimes even Niall can't keep me from seriously injuring myself.

So it was a day in late March. Niall had surprised me by just showing up and saying we were spending the day together. We drove into the city, Niall claiming he wanted me to teach him the history of Philadelphia. Upon seeing my incredulous look, he laughed and shrugged his shoulders.
"Okay, maybe I don't want to learn. Maybe I just wanted to spend a day with my wonderful, fantastic, totally amazing girlfriend. Would that be alright?'
" Perfectly." I said with a smile.
He leaned in and kissed me, which was rather hard, seeing as I was driving a car.
"Nial, do you want to make us crash?"
"I don't care.' he breathed, kissing me again.
I giggled but pulled away, eyes back on the road.
"Why are you so responsible all the time, Ceili?" Niall asked, taking my free hand.
"Someone has to be!'
"But why?"
"Niall, would you like to drive the car while I distract you?"
"Yes, I would, actually."

Somehow, five minutes later, I was in the passengar seat and Niall was at the wheel, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. He assured me that if you possess a full license in Ireland, it is legal to drive in America. i didnt doubt that fact, oh no; I doubted that Niall knew how to drive in America. He put his foot o the gas and we lurched forward, me gripping the arm rest for dear life.
"Relax.' Niall said, holding my hand and rubbing calming circles on my palm.
"I've got this.'
"Both hands on the wheel!!!' I cried.
He grinned but did as I asked. Things were actually going well until he started drifting toward the other lane.
"Niall, Americans drive on the left!"
"I know, it's just an impulse that I can't fight sometimes."
"That's just billiant!'
Niall laughed recklessly and slammed his foot on the gas.
"Do you enjoy scaring me?' I demanded to know.
"Yes, I do.'
"It's like you're- asking for protection. And that's adorable."
"You have weird logic, Niall Horan."

We made it into the city and Niall cruised around, searching for a place to stop.
"Where are we going?"
"Oh, just some out of the way place I know."
I'd learnt in the past just to go with what Niall was saying, so I shrugged and sat back, looking around. He suddenly swerved around a corner and pulled into a parking space.
"See? I told you I could drive." He said, grinning triumpantly.
'Yes, yes, I will never doubt you again.'
"Really?" Niall asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Absolutely not!"
Niall smiled and got out of the car, helping me out. He put an arm around my waist and we walked down the sidewalk, me leaning my head on his shoulder. He steered me to a random door and opened it, stepping inside.

We had entered a little coffee shop, and it was crazy warm. I shrugged off my sweater and hung it up on a hook. Sliding into a booth, I looked up at Niall.
"Coffee?" he asked.
"Yes please!"
Niall placed our order and sat across from me, smiling gently. He took my hand from across the table and looked at the palm.
"Do you know how to read palms?" I asked teasingly.
"I do, actually."
"Go on, then."
Niall looked down and studied my hand. He nodded and then said.
"Well, here is your wealth line. It's pretty long, you see? There's some money in store for you somewhere down the line! and this line, that's your life line. Also quite long. You won't die anytime in the near future. And this-"
His voice trailed off and he looked at his knees.
"That line?" I asked
He gulped nervously,his Adam's apple bobbing, and a blush crept up his neck.
"That's your love line. It almost crosses your whole palm. So someone loves you a whole lot." he said steadily, looking at me seriously.
I blushed and pulled my hand away, curling my fingers in. But Niall snatched it back, holding it with both his own.
"And this someone, will continue to love you your whole life long. because your love line is the longest." he finished softly.
I nodded and Niall brought my hands to his lips, gazing at me the whole time. I swallowed, suddenly unable to breathe. He opened his mouth to say something, but then the waitress arrived with our coffees.

Halfway through our respite, flashing came at the window. I glanced up and was meet with hundreds of cameras all around me.
"Sh*t." Niall swore, grabbing my hand and pulling me up.
"We have to get out of here. don't stop for anything. Just get to the car." he advised me urgently.
I nodded dumbly and then hurried out of the coffee shop.

Outside, I was mobbed by the people, demanding to know all about Niall and me. I tried to shove my way through them,but it was impossible.
"Ceili, are you and Niall happy together?"
"Was that a break-up?"
"Do you worry about Niall cheating on you, Ceili?"
i shook my head, dazed, and tried one last time to escape. But I failed. My foot got caught on the railing and I went tumbling down. I cracked my head against the concrete step and saw stars. The last thing I heard before I went unconscious was Niall screaming my name.

When I woke up, my head was on Niall's lap. And he was sobbing. I don't mean little tears, I mean great, heaving sobs that wracked his body.
"Oh, Ceili, please wake up." he moaned, crying harder.
"Please! Open your eyes! You have to wake up- I love you, Princess! Just wake up!"
"Niall?" I whispered hoarsly, unsure what exactly I was hearing.
His head snapped down and he stared at me, tear-stained eyes wide.
"Ceili?" he whispered.
I nodded hesitantly and then shut my eyes again. The entire world was spinning. I'm no doctor, but I'd guess that I had a concussion.
'What happened?" i asked, eyes still shut.
"You tripped over the railing. And you landed on your wrist, so it's kind of-"
i glanced down and groaned.Becuase what i saw was enough to make me pass out again.

My wrist was twisted at an unatural angle, and there was no doubt it was broken. And that's when the pain hit me. I whimpered pathetically and a few tears slipped out.
"Oh, shh." Niall crooned, holding me close to his chest.
"I called an ambulance. They'll be here in a few minutes."
I nodded and wiped my eyes with my left hand. Niall looked down at me tenderly. But this moment was interuppted when a journalist knelt down beside us.
'How would you guys feel about an atricle-"
"GET OUT OF HERE!" Niall yelled.
The tone of his voice made them back away. Niall looked back down at me and gave a small smile.
"Ceili?" he whispered.
"I'm in love with you."

I stared up at him, eyes round.
"You're what?'
"i was trying to tell you in the cafe when the journalists arrived. That was the real point of today."
I nodded, taking this in. But I couldn't. This was a major bombshell to my literally rocked world.
"Say it again.' i breathed.
He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the nose, and finally on the lips.
"I love you, Ceili Gilmartin. With my entire heart and soul."

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