Dating a Member of 1D: My Personal Guide to Survival

Ceili and Niall Horan are finally together, and everything should be rosy, right? I mean, when you're dating a world famous musician, everything should be fine, right? WRONG! Follow Niall and Ceili as they navigate the choppy waters that is love and are faced with the question,; Can two people fall in love with the whole world watching?

*This is a sequel. If you've already read the original, Kiss Me, I'm Irish, that's great! But if you haven't, that's okay too. You might be a little confused at first, but you'll more likely than not catch on :)


6. Controversy is No Fun

The first few weeks with my cast were particulary hard. I'm right handed, so every simple task became a challenge. My friends and family helped me out as much as they could, but life was still extremly difficult. And we had our final exams coming up, and I was panicking over how I would manage. Thankfully, the teachers then told me that I'd be able to type out my answers. Unfortunately, this was after I'd spent an entire day trying to write with my left hand, and got so frustated that I burst into tears and threw my notebook against the wall. Which then rebounded and hit me in the head.

As for Niall, he was still apolectic with rage over the whole incident. While we were Skyping one afternoon, he brought up sueing the journlists again.
"Niall," I said with a grin.
" We don't need to sue anyone. It was my own stupid fault for tripping over that railing. You know how much of a klutz I am. I'd trip over air, if that was possible."
"It'snot your fault that you're- er- vertically challenged. And you wouldn't have had to run away if the press wasn't after you."
I smiled again and he groaned, putting his head in his hands.
"You know, sometimes, I wish I'd never gotten famous." he said softly.
"Niall Horan, if there was such a thing as a cyber slap, you would be slapped silly right now." I said, laughing.
Niall snickered at this and then said,
"But you wouldn't have gotten hurt if I wasn't famous."
"Niall, I would never had meet you if you weren't famous."
His eyes widened as he took this in and I knew I'd gotten through to him.
"Well, I guess that makes sense."
"It makes perfect sense! We would have never seen each other in Dublin that night if you had stayed in Mullingar."
"Thank you, Simon Cowell!"

Still, Niall was really protective of me since my accident. When ever we saw each other, he'd guide me through crowds and keep the press away. At first, it was cute. What girl doesn't want to be protected by her boyfriend? But after awhile, it got tiresome. I mean, my wrist might be broken, but I could take care of myself. The final straw was when he hired me a body guard.

We were at one of One Direction's concerts in P.A. I was sitting in the wings, watching the performance. Niall did one of his classic jumps and I smiled as the entire crowd fan-girled like mad. Suddenly, a shadow passed over me and I glanced up. Standing over me was tall, heavy-set guy with his arms behind his back.
"Hi there." I said nervously.
He gave a quick nod and then looked back out on stage. eyes narrowed. I looked at my knees, waiting for him to leave. But he didn't. He stood there for the next forty-five minutes in a total awkward silence.

Once the concert ended, Niall walked off stage and over to me, kissing me fondly. I smiled at him and then said,
"Niall, who is-er- this?" I asked, limply gesturing to the man standing next to me.
"That's Clarke." he said, grabbing a bottle of water and draining it.
"Why is "Clarke" here?"
"He's your bodyguard for concerts."
"He's my what!"

I grabbed Niall's sleeve and pulled him to one side. Clarke started to follow us, but I held my hands up.
"Clarke. stay there."
He nodded and turned on his heels. I dragged Niall over to the corner and then stopped, brushing my hair out of my eyes.
"Okay, Niall, let me explain this.I. Do. Not. Need. A. Bodyguard."
"Yes, you do." Niall said calmly.
"No, i don't!"
"Ceili,I just don't want you to get hurt again." he said gently.
"I won't. It was just a fluke."
"A fluke that resulted in a broken wrist and a concussion."
This arguement went on for a few minutes, me getting increasingly angrier as we kept going. Eventually, I just snapped.
"Niall, stop smothering me!" i exclaimed.
He flinched bckward, eyes widening.
"What do you mean?"
"Ever since I broke my wrist, you've been over protective, to the point that I feel suffocated. So please, lay off!"
"Ceili, I- I just-"
"You just what/" I demanded.
"Randomly decided to hire me a bodyguard that i don't even need?"
"I just did it because I care about you!" he cried.
Now Niall was getting angry. Looking back, i was being whiny, but it was just so annoying at the time.
"Ceili, I only want to make sure you're alright! I couldn't stand it if you got hurt again because of me!"
"I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself! Will you just let me?"
"NO!" Niall yelled suddenly, slamming his fist against the wall.
"i won't have you get hurt! If you'd stop being so stupid-"
"STUPID?" i shrieked, shoving him backward.
"How dare you!"
Niall slumped and then said,
"Ceili, please-"
I shut my eyes and shook my head.
"Leave me alone, Niall!"
I whirled around and ran away, already crying. Niall called after me, but I ignored him. And I ran all the way to my car, hopping in and speeding home.

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