Poetry from a Teen

Exactly what the title says


1. If You Only Knew

If only you knew
How much my heart races
When I set eyes on you

I start to blush
My palms begin to sweat
Is this just a meaningless crush?

Or could it be something more?
Could you possibly feel the same?
Do your eyes follow me when I walk out the door?

But no, it couldn't be.
Because you have someone else
Of course you don't think of me

Unrequited love, that's the term
When you long for someone desperately
They'll never be yours, but still you yearn

We're just friends, it will never be anything else
You've made that quite clear
So why do I continue to torture myself?

Because... I'm in love with you
But you can't see that, you'll never be able to see that!
If only you knew. 
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