1D love story

Lily, Kenzie, Chloey, Kelli, Anika all fall in love with 1D.


5. waking up

Lily's P.O.V.

I woke up. "Where am I?" I asked "your at the hospital" Niall said. " w-Wait are you Niall from One-" I asked "Direction, Yes" Niall finished. "What happen?" I asked Niall. "You slipped and hit your head. on the ground" Niall answered. "ouch" I said when I moved. my leg was now throbbing. "don't move you broke your leg". Niall shouted. "sooooooooooo" I said "when can I go?" I asked. "The doctor said that you can leave at 2pm. " niall said. "you have to learn how to use your crutches"Niall said.

Kelli P.O.V.

I was talking to Harry for 3 hours. Hes really nice. I really think he likes me. "hey, kelli I really like you." Harry said i smiled and said "I like you too." then we exchanged numbers then i left to go home.

Harry caught me before I left the hospital and kissed me right on the lips "What was that for?" I asked Harry said "I really like you Kelli" he walked back into the hospital i went to my car I have a black camaro. I drove to my house. Harry's P.O.V I walked back into the hospital after i kissed Kelli i was smiling Louis, "Harry is there something you want to tell us?" "No" I lied Liam could tell i was lying "Harry what happend?" Liam asked "I kissed Kelli." They looked up at me and said "ooh" I smiled and asked "How is Lily Niall?" I asked changing the subject "She is good her head hurts Kenzie Chloey and Ani are in there with her." We smiled i was thinking just a few hours ago i didn't know who anyone was now I'm in love with a girl.
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