1D love story

Lily, Kenzie, Chloey, Kelli, Anika all fall in love with 1D.


12. the wedding

3 years later (Lily is out of school)


Lily's P.O.V.

its the wedding. I go get my Dress and shoes on. its a white and light blue, sleeveless, sparkly dress and the shoes are are white high heals. Kenzie helped pick it out and plan it. then Kenzie leaves to help set up. then I see my dad. "you look beautiful" he said. "thank you" I said. "no matter how old you get you will be my baby girl" he said starting to cry. I gave him a hug. "Okay are you ready to go" he said whipping his tears. "yes" i answered. We head to the back of the church. they start music. then me dad and I lock arms and head down the aisle. I see the most handsome guy in the world standing there smiling at me. we get to the front of the church and my dad lets go of my arm. i walk to Niall. "you look gorgeous" he said with a huge smile. "you look very handsome yourself" I said smiling. we to the paster. he does some talking about marrage and stuff like that. "Lily Thompson do you you take Niall Horan to be your lovely husband" the paster asked. "I do" i answered. "Niall Horan do you take Lily Thompson to be your lovely wife" he asked. " I do" Niall answered. "then you may kiss the bride" he said. we both kissed. then we went down the aisle and got in the car and drove down the street with can on the back of the car and a sign saying just married.

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