1D love story

Lily, Kenzie, Chloey, Kelli, Anika all fall in love with 1D.


6. The kiss

Lily P.O.V.
I learned how to use my crutches. Niall helps me in the car. He drives me home. We get to my house. He helps me in. I let him stay. He stays for 4 hours. "Does your leg feel better" Niall asked "no im still in a lot of pain" I answered. He turns the T.V. On and turn it to a movie titanic. Then he sits down lifts my leg on his lap and massage my toes that was sticking out of my cast for the rest of the movie. "I really like you, Lily" he said. There was a silence for like 10 seconds. "Will you be my princess" Niall asked. "I would love too" I answered. He started to leaned in then I started to lean in and we kissed. We kissed for 8 minutes. Then I pulled back and hugged him. We made a pizza and breadsticks. We watched another movie toy story. We cuddled the whole time. I must of fallen asleep because I woke up he was in the kitchen. Making pancakes, muffins, and bacon. I got my crutches and went to the kitchen. "Well good morning, princess" he said. "Morning" I responded. We ate breakfast. Then I got a text from Ani "OMG Zayn asked me out!!!" She texted "when!!!!!" I texted back. "Yesterday before we left" she texted "so where are you guys going?" I texted. "We are going bowling then going to Nandos" she responded "ok g2g bye" I texted. "Bye" she responded. Niall and I gave each other our numbers then I leaned in to kiss then he left.
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