1D love story

Lily, Kenzie, Chloey, Kelli, Anika all fall in love with 1D.


10. birthday Suprise 2

Lily's P.O.V.

I could just see Niall, Harry, and Louis dive of the the stage. I couldn't swim because of my cast i began to sink. I couldn't breath. then I finally close my eyes thinking it was the end. then i felt six hands grab me and pull me up. It was Niall, Harry, and Louis. they brought me up. my eyes were closed i wasn't breathing.


Niall P.O.V.

I saw that she wasn't breathing. I leaned in and gave her mouth to mouth. after 2 minutes. she started to coughed up water. Her cast was all soggy. we docked the boat. we took her to the hospital again. they took the cast off and put a new one on. then we went home. I helped her in. "who the heck was that who pushed you in" I said madly. "my ex-boyfriend Josh" she said. "well where is he now" I asked. "at his house on 306 Hiawatha St street" she said. I left angerly. "NO don't" she said to me while I was leaving. I went to his house. I looked through the window to see him with a black eye. I left. I got a text from Liam saying that him and Zayn beat him up. I go to Lily's. I just walk in with out knocking. I sit next to Lily. " Im sorry I didn't protect you" I said. I lean in and kiss her. I pull away. "Hey I have some thing for you" I said. I give her a box with a diamond encrusted lettering saying To Lily very fancy like with the Y. she opens it. It's a Hart with letter that say Lily and Niall Forever. "OMG thank you Niall" She says.

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