Will This Love Ever Go Down The Drain?

Based on a true story from school with minor edits... enjoy... ohh and check out love is liquidish by flora5499... its based on a true story too (kinda)


11. The Park

I ran to the park, my heart  fluttering with great expectations. This was going to be magical after all I had felt and been through about this one boy I had carelessly wasted my feelings on. But I didn't care coz he was so worth it. The only thing I hoped is that this relationship wouldn't be the one I had had before, with Flora's boyfriend Oscar. As I was dreaming about Dom, he suddenly gave a little tap on my shoulder. "Peak a boo princess!" his voice was so calm and I couldn't restrain myself from giggling and blushing. He was dressed up in a traxsuit and his pink and green beanie. He traced my eyes and saw that I was looking at his clothes. "Yeah, I just came from athletics..." he said turning bright red. "No no no! Not that..." my voice just turned into a heap of giggles. Dom smiled and for a moment there was an awkward silence between us. Then suddenly he spoke. "I have something for you like I promised..." he began. "You didn't have to bring me anything" but as I spoke, he pulled out a little black velvet box with a cream coloured ribbon fastned carefully around it. My heart pounded as I took it from his hands, knowing that he must've really cared for me. "Dom... " I said, slowly opening the box. Inside, there was the most beautiful charm bracelet ever. The silver shone brightly blinding my eyes from his face. There were two charms on it. Both of them - doves that linked wings. "This was my grandma's bracelet. She gave it to me before she died. She said give it to someone special in your life. I saved it for that one special girl and I guess that girl is... you..."

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