Will This Love Ever Go Down The Drain?

Based on a true story from school with minor edits... enjoy... ohh and check out love is liquidish by flora5499... its based on a true story too (kinda)


3. Confessing...

We made our way into fifth period. Maths, that helps. I dumped my bag next to Flora's and got my maths book out. I sat, just thinking about the boy. I loved the way his hair was so messy and long. I loved the way he isn't a nerd but still hangs out at the library. I love everything about him. Our teacher, Mr. Sebston droned on a and on about algebra. I guess maths and love have something  in common - a problem. "Psst, Annie, whats 2x+3y?" Flora whispered. "Huh, oh, i dunno", I whispered back, scratching my head thoughtfully. Flora looked at me strangley. Uh oh, she's sussed something out. Oh I might as well tell just her and Layla, maybe Vienna too. They are my friends after all. I tried to talk to Flora, but, just then, the bell rang.


"What were you trying to tell me?" Flora asked. Layla came over just as I began to speak. "C'mon then, I have a bus to catch" Layla said, kicking a stone onto the road. I sighed deeply and told them how I felt. Both of them just stared at me. No one spoke for a good 30 seconds. "I - I have to go guys, bye!" Layla said, breaking the silence. "Me too, Vienna will be waiting and Castleway Drive, bye!" Flora said. I raised my hand to wave at them. They were really acting weird. Why did I have to say that so early?

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