Will This Love Ever Go Down The Drain?

Based on a true story from school with minor edits... enjoy... ohh and check out love is liquidish by flora5499... its based on a true story too (kinda)


6. Chats...

The minute I got home, I ran upstairs and switched on my laptop. I logged into gmail and already I saw a message from Dom on google chat. Why waste a chance like this?

Dom: hi

Annie: hey

Dom: wuu2?

Anna: Nm, just got home frm skl

Dom: kl, do u wanna walk home everyday like today?

Anna: okay, sure, that's kl! :D

Dom: :D

Anna: well, i just remembered, gtg, i hav swimmin, byee

Dom Darwin is offline, please try again later. 


I was confused. Why did he go offline all of a sudden? Maybe he got mad at me for going. Great work Annie. I just waited there, staring at the screen. All of a sudden, he came back online, and it read: Dom is hanging out with Flora Farrington. Weren't hangouts when you video chat? My heart ached as for a minute, I actually thought he liked me...




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