Will This Love Ever Go Down The Drain?

Based on a true story from school with minor edits... enjoy... ohh and check out love is liquidish by flora5499... its based on a true story too (kinda)


10. After school

School was over. YESSSS! I waved bye to Flora and Layla and trudged down the alleyway. "Hey, wait up!" a familiar voice called out. It was Dom. "Hi!" I said blushing a little. "So... we cool?" Dom asked me casually. "Yeah... cool...." I replied. It was really weird talking to someone I actually agreed to go out with. "Well, Annie, meet me at the park in 2 hours, I have something for you..." Dom said, and disappeared before I could reply. I quickly ran home to wash and decide what to waer, something really special, for this special occassion, for this special boy...

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