Identity Unknown

"Being back here made me see how much it can get to you; the training, all of the lessons, even just the environment we are in. We aren't the same as everyone else. And everyone else can never know.'

After six months of searching for her father, Charlotte Goode returns to the Gallagher Academy. Exams and eager friends await, but something is wrong. When a phone call changes everything, Zach can offer the answer - but someone will stop at nothing to keep him silent. And when a double agent is revealed, Charlotte must choose who to trust - but time is running out, and the Academy's greatest secrets are at risk.

The stakes are higher, but is she ready?


9. Crossroads

(Just to make this very clear, this chapter is from Rick's perspective!)


I don't even want to be here. I thought it would be easy, just like any other mission. You do bad things to good people because you have to, but what happens when you start to find out more about them? What happens when you begin to like them?

I'm starting to question everything. Maybe it's being back at Blackthorne, maybe it's the endless fresh air in the forest; or maybe it's a girl who's taught me a different way of seeing, of living.

She's strong, and brave, but she doesn't know who the enemy really is. Steven's friends from the CIA are already here. 

How do I know? 

Because I am one of them.


How could I follow through with this? My father taught me to always do what your superiors say, because they know what they're doing, but what happens when their perspective shifts? I've been on missions since I was eight, and even since then I knew things weren't just black and white. There was a middle ground, a choice to change. Like Charlie.

I've only known her for a few hours, but I can't follow my orders. I can't do this to her. It would hurt my father - he knows her well. And for a second, I caught a glimpse of what it would be like to know her too.

But right now, there are only a few things I am certain of:

My name is Rick Solomon. I am an assassin. And I must kill Charlotte Goode.



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