Identity Unknown

"Being back here made me see how much it can get to you; the training, all of the lessons, even just the environment we are in. We aren't the same as everyone else. And everyone else can never know.'

After six months of searching for her father, Charlotte Goode returns to the Gallagher Academy. Exams and eager friends await, but something is wrong. When a phone call changes everything, Zach can offer the answer - but someone will stop at nothing to keep him silent. And when a double agent is revealed, Charlotte must choose who to trust - but time is running out, and the Academy's greatest secrets are at risk.

The stakes are higher, but is she ready?


3. A Dangerous Game

I stepped into Headmistress Morgan's office. I had only been in here once - the day I joined the Gallagher Academy. I remembered studying the order of the books on her shelf, counting the pens on her desk, convinced I would be thrown into an observation test straight away. I selected a cushy chair and sat down, confident in the knowledge that I wasn't at fault.

Over-confidence is a spy's worst enemy.

"I'm not sure why I'm here," I drawled, picking at my chipped nail polish lazily. Headmistress Morgan drummed her fingers on her desk, studying me warily.

"Agent Andrew Stevens has joined us for this semester. Have you nothing to say about this?" she asked sternly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said, crossing my arms and matching her steely gaze. Of course I did, but I wasn't willing to admit it yet.

"Admit it was you," she instructed. I studied my shoes, made of glossy Italian leather, a slight smudge of water on the toe from trekking through the rain to the P&E barn this morning. The drizzled rain and bite behind the breeze confirmed the fact that summer was officially over. But the atmosphere in the room was just as cold.

She sighed. "Get to class."

I grabbed my rucksack and strolled out of the door. I knew why she was angry with me, but I didn't want to talk about it. Didn't care anymore.

I sauntered around campus aimlessly in an attempt to find my classmates, but in vain. I sighed, heading back to the Grand Hall.

"Miss Goode." The voice rattled in my head.

"Nice of you to join us," Agent Stevens said, speech dripping with sarcasm. I met his gaze coolly.

"I was speaking with the Headmistress. You can ask her if you don't believe me," I said, dropping my bag and grabbing a seat.

"Now we're all here," he glared at me, "we shall start our lesson." I rolled my eyes and chewed the end of my pen.

"This will be a practical assignment. A student will be posted at a destination. The rest of you have to find them."

"So it's a spy version of hide and seek?" I whispered to Macey. Agent Stevens shot me a glare.

"But there's more to it. A deadline. One day to find them. One day for them to escape.

"Escape from what?" I asked.

"A few of my friends from the CIA - oh, and they won't know it's just a little test," he smirked.

I was not expecting that. Agent Stevens was playing a dangerous game. He had beaten me in the last round, but I was rearing for a rematch.

"Any volunteers?" he asked.

I raised my hand confidently.

"Miss Goode," he said in mock delight. "See me at the end."

Bex shot me a questioning glance, but I just smiled. It was time to get my revenge. Agent Stevens rambled on for a while longer. I couldn't be bothered to take notes - it just seemed so irrelevent.

"Class dismissed." His thunderous voice broke through the fog in my mind. I lingered, waiting for my briefing.

"Well, we might as well drink to our reunion, eh?" Agent Stevens slid a glass of orange juice across the table towards me. I studied him carefully. He was young, late twenties, with a thick head of blonde hair. He wasn't bad to look at, but his hazel eyes burnt, like a hawk closing in on their prey. There was something about him that made me uneasy. 

I sighed, took a sip. Stevens smirked and raised his glass towards his lips, and then placed it back on the table with a crash.

"Have you even been trained at all?!" He laughed hysterically, slapping his knee for emphasis. I raised an eyebrow, licking the extra orange from my lips. Then I stopped, wiping my mouth on my sleeve.

Damn. I rubbed my head, desperately tried to keep my eyes open.

"Let round two begin," Agent Stevens said, drinking from his undrugged glass.

The last thing I saw before my eyes shut was the pendant around his neck, a gleaming gold engraved with an emblem I was sure I recognised. But before I could register it, my eyes snapped shut. 

Bring it on, Stevens. This time I'll be stronger.


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