This is a short story about someone stranded
in the Sahara Desert, trying to survive.


1. Sahara Desert

I was walking, the scorching sun beaming like daggers in my eyes, the sweat was pouring off of my face. Hopingthis is all just a bad dream but it wasn’t. I was really stranded. I’ve been walking for hours ever since sunrise and I’m already hallucinating. Then at a sudden moment I felt a pinch on my leg, I looked down and saw nothing but a little scorpion scuttling away, a titchy scorpion like that couldn’t do any harm, or so I thought. In less than a minute I collapsed on the floor in horrendous pain.  I was praying that someone would come and recue me but I already knew no one was coming. As my eyesight started to get blurry I knew this was the end, it’s my time to go, the poison was now travelling through my body, it felt like acid boiling my insides, this would be my last sight; nothing but sand of the Sahara desert.Then it all went black.

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