The Choice That Changed Everything

Kayla Church and her sick mother that she has been taking care of since she was 12 years old. Her mother has diabetes and had an amputation of the leg due to it. Kayla has been through a lot with her mother by the way she acts and the way she is towards her.


1. The Starting Of It

        I was twelve years old when my mother became very sick.When she was pregnant with me she had gotten diabetes. I also had two other siblings named Krystle and Dennis. My mom had diabetes with them to but it went it away. When she had me it stayed with her.

        I always blame myself for what's wrong with my mom. My mom has a lot of problems with her body. She has everything you can think of even things you never heard of. 

       My mom was a beautiful woman tall, skinny, dark brown eyes and nice skin. Now when I look at her I feel guilty of what has happened. She is now shrinking, she's gained weight and when I look at her skin all I see is scars and wombs. I don't want to see my mom like this, it's too much to see. When I look into her eyes all I see is pain and suffering. Remember I'm only 12 when this happened to me I was small, cute, and fun to be around as any little kid would.

      I was the type of little girl who liked to go out with friends and have a good time playing board games or play with dolls. But at 12 I would sit in my house taking care of my mom because I loved my mom. I sacrificed my life as taking care of my mother. I'll take care of my mom till the day she is in heaven, and that's not for a long time. 

     When I take care of my mom, I do it better than a nurse who would come to my house to do it. I was by myself taking care of her. My dad always at work or sleeping, my brother and sister they were already up and out of my moms house because there older and they have boyfriends and girlfriends and there own kids to take care of they needed to grow up they need there own lives. I would like it if I had at least one of them to help me. When my parents were home and my brother Dennis did live with me at one point that was the time I got help. I just wish I would get help all the time. Besides all by myself now at this point.

     Everything gets a lot worse as the time went on. This time I turned 13 and everything turned things I would of never thought of would happened . Things changed around in my life when I turned 13 things I wished it never did. 





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