meant to be

Allie has been sent to boarding school. But instead of hating Cimmeria Academy, Allie loves it. Of course there's ups and downs like the every school popular mean girls. But she's making friends and there's Carter, a hot new boy who Allie feels an instant connection.


1. my second arrested!

Against the constant rumble of the police station on a summer friday night, Allie heard her father's voice as clearly as if he was right in front of her. She stopped twirling her hair and looked anxiouly at the door.

"I cant tell you how much i appreciate this. I'm very sorry for the bother," she heard. The tone in his voice was one she knew quite well: humiliated. By her. She heard another male but she could'nt quite make out what he was saying and then her dad again,

"Yes and i appreciate your advice. We'll discuss it and make a decision tomorrow."

Decision? What decision?

Then the door opened, and her gray eyes met his tired blue ones. She felt her heart twist in her chest just a little. Unshaven and rumpled, he looked older. And very tired. He handed a few papers to the female officer who barely glanced at them before adding them to her stack of paperwork. She reached into a drawer and pulled out an envelope containing Allie's things, which she shoved across the desk to Allie's father. Without looking at either of them when she said robotically,

"You've been releast tnto your fathers hand, you free to go."


From the across the street her father unlocked the door of the black ford and it beeped its sarcasticly chirpy welcome. when he started the engine, she turned to him earnistly, her eyes filled with explanations.


He looked strait ahead, his jaw tense. "Alyson. Don't."

"Don't what?"

"Don't talk. Just...sit there."

After that thair journey was silent.


Allie stared out the window, outside was a cool summer afternoon with a road ahead that could lead to your future destonation. But in the car was a fuming asid. The car was at a dead end; the edge of a cliff, no way back.


Ahead was her home, more like her prisson cell. She knew she was grounded as she still was from her last arrest but now she was in more trouble than ever. When the car stopped, he got out of it without a word. Allie scrambled after him, the worried feeling at the pit of her stomach growing.


He did not seem angry. He seemed...empty. She looked into his tired eyes as she past him. They showed nothing, as if he was'nt even there. Allie walked up the stairs and down the hallway into the safty of her own room.


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